Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Richardson to Visit Nevada Later This Month

Governor Richardson has another trip planned to an early primary state. This trip takes him to Nevada, where recently, a "Draft Richardson" movement was launched.

According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune
The Douglas County Democratic Central Committee will have its third annual "Turn Nevada Blue" dinner Jan. 27 at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden. Special guests will be New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Gen. Wesley K. Clark (Ret.) Other elected state and Democratic officials will be attending.
That makes 2 early primary states within a couple of weeks of each other. Richardson visits South Carolina in next week. With these visits coming so close together and at a time when one might expect a governor to be pressing his legislative agenda in the statehouse, it's hard not to speculate that Governor Richardson will make a run at the White House.

Again, I have no sources, no insider information, and I don't know what Governor Richardson will do. I only have my political experience as a staffer, and my years of observation to guide me, and everything I see points to a Richardson candidacy.


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