Sunday, January 14, 2007

Richardson's Trip to South Carolina

Governor Richardson is in South Carolina this weekend, and FITS News reports on what the Governor is doing there.

Richardson - who won reelection two months ago courtesy of the biggest landslide in New Mexico history (68.8% to 31.2%) - is in South Carolina this weekend to give the keynote address at the S.C. Democratic Party’s Second Annual Governors’ Appreciation Dinner.

Of course - surprise - it’s not entirely a social visit.

Richardson will be having several high-level political meetings in Columbia and Greenville, most of them reportedly engineered by longtime Fritz Hollings’ aide Crawford Cook. Richardson’s Saturday schedule also includes face-time with key media - thirty minutes with The State’s Lee Bandy and Aaron Gould Sheinin and another sit-down in Greenville with the News‘ Dan Hoover.

Stay tuned for more reports on Governor Richardson's visit to South Carolina.


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