Friday, January 19, 2007

Will Smith: "Richardson Can Save the Democrats"

No, not that Will Smith (though that would be nice too), the other Will Smith.
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson can be the party's saving grace, but only if the party wakes up in time to embrace him.


Richardson, as the only Hispanic contender, has the greatest chance of instituting immigration reform (he supports comprehensive immigration reform), he can win the Hispanic vote in swing states such as Florida and he can attract Republican moderate crossover voters. He has clout in energy policy, as the former energy secretary and proponent of alternate fuels to help solve America's oil dependency. He has cut taxes and expanded jobs in New Mexico and enjoys the libertarian Cato Institute's top ranking of any Democrat for fiscal and economic policy. Also, he would dominate New Mexico in any national election, a state that tilted toward Bush in 2004. Richardson's regional notoriety could shift Colorado and Arizona, both competitive Bush-leaning states.


He is as confident as his resumé is strong, as bold as his approval ratings are high (65 percent in New Mexico). He is the most qualified possible candidate for president in either party.
As the byline noted, Will Smith is a freshman majoring in political science and religious studies. My take: great analysis by the freshman. While most people his age are worried about where the party is on Friday night, Will Smith has broken down the 2008 Presidential race with more skill than journalists twice his age. Well done, Will.


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