Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Richardson Plays Hardball Yesterday

Yesterday, Governor Richardson was interviewed by Chris Matthews for Hardball.

ABC News' "The Note" Fires Richardson

The folks over at ABC News' The Note have some explaining to do. Despite winning approximately 69% of the vote last November, ABC News apparently thinks Bill Richardson is not the Governor of New Mexico.
Former Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) delivers a 12:30 pm ET address to the Latino Leaders Network at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC.
Former governor? He will be when he becomes President. But until then, Bill Richardson remains the democratically elected Governor of New Mexico.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Richardson on Iran

While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engage in a schoolyard fight over whose campaign David Geffen should belong to, Governor Richardson has penned a thoughtful op-ed on what American policy towards Iran should look like.

No nation has ever been forced to renounce nuclear weapons, but many have chosen to do so. The Iranians will not end their nuclear program because we threaten them and call them names. They will renounce nukes because we convince them that they will be safer and more prosperous if they do that than if they don't. This feat will take more than threats and insults. It will take skillful American diplomatic leadership.

Diplomacy is more than just talking to people. It requires speaking credibly from a position of strength. As the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, as energy secretary, as a member of Congress and as a diplomatic envoy, I have always believed in and worked to achieve tough, credible and direct negotiations with adversaries. To be tough, you need strong alliances and a strong military. And to be credible, you need a record of meaning what you say. By alienating our allies, overextending our military, making idle threats and antagonizing just about everyone, the Bush administration has undermined our diplomatic leverage.

Without Richardson's diplomacy, North Korea never would have come back to the table for six party talks, and reach any agreement (large or small) on nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, on too many occasions the Bush Administration has been a bully, preferring to beat on its chest and spew rhetoric like a bunch of blowhards at a particular nation deemed "evil". Richardson brought North Korea back to the table.

Bill Richardson understands that you can't make peace by talking with your friends. You have to directly engage your enemies, listen to them and show them respect. With these things, peaceful, diplomatic solutions are possible. Without them, the prospect of war looms.

In 2008, there is only one candidate with the experience to handle all of the foreign policy disasters created by the Bush Administration. His name is Bill Richardson.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Governor Richardson's Weekend Schedule

Governor Richardson will be in Broward County, Florida tomorrow, not to exercise his considerable diplomatic skills to broker peace between Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and Virgie Arthur over the remains Anna Nicole Smith and paternity of her daughter (though we have no doubt he could do it), but to fire up the Broward County Democrats.

From Bill Richardson for President:

Saturday, February 24

    WHEN: 6:30 p.m.
    WHAT: Keynote address to the Broward County Democrats' annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner
    WHERE: Bonaventure Resort and Spa, 250 Racquet Club Road, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday evening, February 25 through Tuesday, February 27

    WHEN: Various times
    WHAT: National Governors Association Winter Meeting
    WHERE: J.W. Marriott Hotel, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC

Vilsack Out of the Race

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has dropped out of the 2008 presidential race.

That leaves only one viable contender for the Presidency: Bill Richardson.

Since John F. Kennedy, no Democratic Senator has been elected President. Only 2 Southern Governors: Jimmy Carter (GA) and Bill Clinton (AR) have become Presidents. Lyndon Johnson was a Vice-President who was elevated to the position by the assassination of Kennedy.

So, if you're keeping score at home, in historical terms this means that John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Mike Gravel have no shot at being President.

Dennis Kucinich doesn't have a chance either. When is the last time a President was elected straight out of the House of Representatives? Not to mention that Kucinich is further to the left (and out there farther than the planet Pluto) than California's famous Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown).

The only candidate with experience as an executive and a proven track record of results, both foreign and domestic, is Bill Richardson.

Richardson Names South Carolina State Director

Lachlan McIntosh, executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party was tapped to run Governor Richardson's campaign in South Carolina today.
"I think Bill Richardson has the life experience and work experience to be a truly great president," McIntosh told The Associated Press. "America could use a great president about now."

He said he will start working for Richardson on March 15.


McIntosh's first job is to bring activists aboard and target likely primary voters, Cook said. McIntosh "knows Democrats in every nook and cranny of this state," Cook said.
Nothing like an experienced party hand to help guide the ship in a key primary state, and Mr. McIntosh will be key to introducing Governor Richardson to the people of his state.

Update: Governor Richardson's statement on the hiring of McIntosh can be found here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More from Carson City

Courtesy of Nevada Up North, who was at the AFSCME presidential candidates forum yesterday in Carson City:
Richardson - Aside from Hillary's secret service, Richardson's campaign was the most visible. If there were campaign workers there from other places, I couldn't pick them out of the crowd. They all had buttons and special name tags. The advantage? Any press person or other person could easily identify them and speak with them about Richardson. Many folks did so and I think it was a good move by the Richardson campaign at an event where the audience didn't get much interaction with the candidates.
Bill Richardson has said he's going to be the hardest working candidate. This is what hard working candidates do. They reach out to the people at these kinds of events and make sure the room is filled with their colors, literature and buttons. It's retail politics 101, and that's why Bill Richardson is going to be a force in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

AFSCME Nevada Forum

Thanks to harmonickev at America for Richardson for the video.

Part I

Part II

Richardson Launches Campaign in Colorado

Shortly after finishing up at the AFSCME forum in Carson City, Nevada, Governor Richardson flew to Colorado where he announced his campaign staff in that state.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has picked five prominent local Democrats to run his presidential campaign in Colorado, his exploratory committee announced this afternoon.

Tom Strickland, Polly Baca, Lawrence Martinez and Erich Bussian have been named co-chairs of his Colorado campaign, according to a release. The governor hired J.W. Postal to direct the campaign and serve as spokesman.

In his picks, Richardson has chosen officials from the traditional party base, Latinos and organized labor.

AFSCME Forum: Richardson's Closing Statement

Governor Richardson just concluded his remarks at the AFSCME forum, and his closing statement focused on foreign policy and the need for a President with experience in that particulary policy issue.

Richardson reiterated that he's got experience that the other candidates don't. He said if we're going to resolve the issues in Iraq, we can't just talk to Iraq, we must also engage Iran and Syria.

Richardson said, "Diplomacy means talking to those who don't agree with us." He made a point by saying that finally President Bush talked with North Korea (something Richardson has been doing for years and suggested the Administration should do), and it resulted in a small agreement.

Concluding, Governor Richardson quoted former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by saying, "You don't make peace with your friends, you make it with your enemies."

AFSCME Forum: Richardson on Health Care

When asked about his thoughts on universal healthcare by moderator George Stephanopolous, Governor Richardson called for the following:

1. A greater focus on preventative health care, including child obesity programs.
2. A Massachusetts style plan that provides health care and benefits for all.
3. Finding ways to insure all children, and working adults and families, including the federal government providing greater flexibility and more funding for state-level Medicaid programs.

There was more but I didn't get it all written down. Video will be posted here later tonight.

AFSCME Nevada Forum

Governor Richardson is just making his 2 minute opening statement at the AFSCME candidate's forum, and here is the gist of his remarks, which are being well-received:
"A lot of candidates talk about these things [referring to the top issues of the day]...I've done it."
George W. Bush has shown us that inexperience, among other things, leads to failures in policy. Others talk about policy or hope for policy, but Bill Richardson has done it.

First Presidential Candidate Forum Today

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is hosting the first major forum among the 2008 Democratic candidates tonight in Carson City. Nevada is a heavily unionized state and this forum underlines the importance of Labor to any Democratic candidacy. While John Edwards has been labeled the so-called front-runner, Governor Richardson will be a force to contend with in Nevada.

Governor Richardson will join most of the other candidates, with the glaring exception of Senator Barack Obama ( he's claiming a scheduling conflict, but perhaps he's conceding union support to other candidates and/or conceding Nevada). Expected to speak are Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, Representative Dennis Kucinich, and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack.

As for the format of the forum, each candidate will be allowed to deliver an opening and closing statement and will also answer three questions from a moderator.

The forum will be televised on C-SPAN beginning at 12 p.m. You can watch the forum by clicking here.

As soon as the video is uploaded, we'll bring it to you here at Washington for Richardson.

The People vs. The Privileged or New Mexico vs. Hollywood

Last week, Governor Richardson held a fundraiser in New Mexico that netted $2 million.

Hollywood bigwigs hosted a fundraiser earlier in the week for Senator Barack Obama that only got him $1 million.

With all due respect for the good people of New Mexico, that state isn't known for its star power. So it's quite an accomplishment to hold a fundraiser and in one night, out-raise the guy who everyone is treating like a rock star and who had his own fundraiser with celebrities in attendance.

Give round one to the people of New Mexico over the Hollywood elite.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More on Governor Richardson's New Hampshire Trip

Andrea Saenz at The Bill Richardson Blog has posted parts 2 & 3 of her four part series on Governor Richardson's weekend in New Hampshire, last weekend.

Part II can be found here.
Part III can be found here.

And I'm glad to see one of the original "for Richardson" supporters being included in campaign events and blogging from the scene. Thanks for the excellent report Andrea.

Here is a photo from a bookstore event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, courtesy of CandidatePhotos.com.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mike's Road Trip With Bill

Mike Caulfield, of Blue Hampshire, spent some time last weekend with Governor Richardson and interviewed him. Mike, who started off from a less than supportive position, found himself genuinely believing that Governor Richardson is the Democrats' best hope.

And why does Mike call Bill Richardson the most electable Democrat?

He does retail politics like the second coming of Bill Clinton. I met Richardson at a small coffee shop in Manchester, where a bunch of Young Dems had come to see him. The place was small, but packed. Richardson walks in, smiling broadly.


The man is made of Teflon. Bill is a much less polished speaker than any of the other candidates. And he can get a little lost sometimes in answering questions. But he's got an important attribute the other candidates don't have: he is made of Teflon.


The campaign called us. OK, this may be arrogant to say. But the fact that the campaign set something up with us impressed me. The Edwards campaign was good to us, but even with their fabled net-savvy, we got 20 minutes with 14 or more bloggers there.


I don't know if it's Richardson or not, but someone on that campaign gets that. And in 2007, that's an ace in the hole.


He's done it. The narrative as it stands now:

Hillary/Obama: We can do it.
Edwards: I'm doing it now.
Richardson: I've already done it.

Listen to the audio of Mike's interview with Governor Richardson here.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Governor Richardson's New Hampshire Trip

Andrea at The Bill Richardson Blog spent her weekend following Governor Richardson in New Hampshire. Here is Part I of her four part series covering Richardson's weekend trip to New Hampshire.

More coverage of Governor Richardson in New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Union Leader

Tom St. Martin of Candia was encouraged by Richardson. "He's the first candidate I've seen that I want to support," he said, noting he saw both New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama last week.
Portsmouth Herald News

More than 100 people gathered to hear the current governor of New Mexico and former United Nations ambassador and energy secretary in the Clinton administration.

Robin Lent of Durham said, “I’m here to find out more, he seems strong on foreign policy, like he might be able to straighten out the mess in Iraq.”

Seacoast Online

The other candidates can talk about foreign policy wishes, economic growth potential and forging an energy policy for the future, but Richardson said he has a track record of major accomplishment in all those arenas that exceeds his rivals.


He doesn't sugarcoat the domestic and foreign policy opportunities lost in the past six years. The Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war has been "an unfortunate ideological choice" that has "caused a real disaster" in the country's stature that will take a long time to rebuild.

Laconia Citizen
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson entertained an audience of over 100 at River Run Bookstore Saturday afternoon, keeping the mood light while offering his perspectives on foreign and domestic issues.


His sense of humor and charismatic grin kept the crowd at the independently owned bookstore laughing throughout his 45 minutes of remarks.

People packed spaces between bookshelves and behind the counter and cheered Richardson from word one on getting troops out of Iraq by the end of the calendar year through diplomacy.
[Who said Bill Richardson doesn't have charisma? Richardson's also a hard worker, and oh by the way, he's got charisma.]

Concord Monitor
In a trip that included visits to Concord, Manchester, Tilton, Portsmouth, Hampton and Holderness, Richardson attended the Concord fundraiser, four house parties, a bookstore chat and a very public haircut at Concord's Creative Colors & Cuts. Richardson, who commands about one percent of New Hampshire's Democratic votes, according to a February CNN/WMUR poll, said he hopes to win voters over through face-to-face meetings in intimate settings.

"I don't come here, do one event in a gym and leave," Richardson said, a likely reference to rival candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who came to Dover High School for a campaign event yesterday before quickly returning to Washington for a test vote on a resolution opposing the proposed troop surge in Iraq.


Gary Benson, the salon owner who gave Richardson a "health trim" Friday afternoon before a crowd of several dozen, had planned the campaign event as a favor for a customer who worked on the campaign. But he said that Richardson's experience and charm won him over.

"I think that he can break out of the pack," Benson said. "The guy's got a wicked sense of humor. I couldn't believe it: He's got charisma."

Experienced, charismatic, hard-working, and he gets results: Richardson for President.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Richardson to Appear on CNN's Late Edition

Governor Richardson will be a guest on CNN's Late Edition this Sunday. According to the show's website, it airs 11-1p.m. Eastern on Sunday. Check your local listings.

Richardson Throws Down The Gauntlet

Bill Richardson has thrown down the gauntlet to other presidential candidates. He's going to be a big factor in this race, and he will have financial support. From the AP:
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson raised at least $2 million for his presidential campaign, a tally that puts him in good standing in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Almost 1,000 people attended the event Thursday night at a New Mexico resort, Cooper, Richardson's deputy campaign manager, said Friday. Individual contributors gave $2,300 — the maximum individual donation allowed under federal law for the primary election — and became "Friends of Bill." For $1,000, donors were dubbed "Supporters of Bill."

"We had a key group of 50 to 60 people committed to raising $25,000 each," said Cooper, who added that the campaign received some bundled checks with $25 contributions.
Please visit Richardson for President and consider giving a donation of whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps, and no amount is too small.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Richardson Rising

While it might be a surprise to some, we've never doubted that Governor Richardson was a top-tier candidate. Though not yet perceived as a so-called front-runner, he is slowly working his way deeper into the public conscience and higher in the rankings.
While this could all merely be a coincidence, the slow Richardson rise has the makings of a real trend. It is happening among insiders and outsiders, among the establishment and the netroots, in real polls and straw polls / online rankings. In a way, it all makes sense, since Richardson has numerous potential "niches" he can fill in order to slowly move his candidacy into the top tier. He is the only westerner in the race. He is one of only two governors in the race. He is the only Latino in the race. He has the longest resume in the race. He also seems to be well liked by libertarians, as I have suggested in the past and as the Pajamas media poll also suggests (consider that Ron Paul is the clear Republican winner in those polls, and you get a sense of the libertarian audience doing the voting). All of these potential niches could allow his campaign to slowly move upward. If they eventually result in him reaching double-digits, quite a bit of money and media attention will follow the resulting sense of viability.


He might not be the top choice of too many people right now, but no one seems to dislike him. With a very long primary season ahead of us, and the possibility of burn-out taking place when it comes to the virtually over-exposed "top-tier," having no one dislike you could be an important way to start building support. Who knows--in a few months, Richardson could very well emerge as a fresh faced, new top tier contender. I am not saying it will definitely happen, but the possibility certainly seems to be there.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards can continue keep their sights on each other. Obama has achieved cult-like star status n the campaign trail way too early, and he'll fizzle out. Everyone knows what they get in Hillary, and though she'll have the money to hang in there, her negatives will keep her from being the nominee. And John Edwards looks pretty and says all the right things, but when it comes down to it, nobody out-works Bill Richardson.

Bill Richardson: Coming Soon To A City Near You

In the next round of stops on the presidential campaign trail, Governor Richardson will be headed to New Hampshire this Friday and Saturday. The New Hampshire Union Leader has the details:

His Friday schedule is: 5 p.m., shake hands at Creative Color and Cuts on South Main Street in Concord; 5:45 p.m., reception at state Sen. Kathy Sgambati's house, Tilton; 7:30 p.m., reception at Grafton County Commissioner Martha Richards' house, Holderness.

His Saturday schedule is: 9 a.m., breakfast with young Democrats, Jewell and the Beanstalk, Manchester; 10:30 a.m., speech before Concord Democrats, IBEW Hall; 12:30 p.m. shake hands at RiverRun Bookstore, Portsmouth; 2 p.m. reception at Lenore and Gary Patton's house, Hampton.

If you're in Boston or New Hampshire, make sure you get out and show your support Governor Richardson.

Next week Governor Richardson will also be visiting Denver.
Richardson is scheduled to arrive in Denver on Wednesday to announce the formation of his Colorado campaign team.

He hopes to raise more than $100,000 at the fundraiser.
Hat tip to The Richardson Solution for the info on Denver.

NV Poll: Richardson In A Blowout

As Nevada Up North posted earlier today, the NVToday poll shows that it's Richardson in a blowout.

Over at the presidential straw poll on NVToday, Richardson is blowing away the other candidates.

Who would you support in NV Presidential Caucus?
41.5% Richardson
17% Clinton
16.1% Obama
14.3% Edwards
7.1% Kucinich
3.6% Biden
0.4% Vilsack
0.0% Dodd

Number of Voters : 224
First Vote : Tuesday, 30 January 2007 14:24
Last Vote : Thursday, 15 February 2007 20:54

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Through Him All Things Are Possible

No, I'm not referring to God (all due respect). I'm talking about Bill Richardson who is a foreign policy god.

Yesterday, the six party talks which the Bush Administration had balked at for so long resulted in an agreement with North Korea. And the person who deserves the most credit for this agreement, isn't some staffer from the U.N. or State Department, and it isn't any Bush Administration figure. The agreement that was reached yesterday came as a result of Bill Richardson and his superb diplomatic skills.

For so long, the Bush Administration preferred the blowhard approach, calling North Korea a member of the "Axis of Evil" and demanding full disarmament of Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal. Bill Richardson, on the other hand, reached out diplomatically, searching for a win-win situation that defused the tension on the Korean Peninsula and reached an agreeable solution for all parties. As Governor Richardson's press release notes, he met with the North Koreans several times, asking them to make good faith efforts to abandon their nuclear program. Most recently, Governor Richardson met with North Korean officials in Santa Fe last December, just prior to the beginning of the six party talks.

So while Bush and company engaged in a juvenile game of name-calling and saber rattling with the North Korean government, Governor Richardson exercised his considerable diplomatic skills, and engaged them in respectful dialogue with the aim of reducing tensions and ultimately getting them to abandon their nuclear program.

The only reason the Bush Administration has achieved this success with the North Koreans is because Bill Richardson laid the groundwork. Without the personal connections that Governor Richardson has made, there could be no deal. So when news of the agreement broke, who do you think CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 turned to for comment?
Bill Richardson knows firsthand about it. Before he was governor of New Mexico or a Democratic candidate for president, he hammered out the last major nuclear deal with Pyongyang, back in 1994. [emphasis mine]


RICHARDSON: Well, I'm glad he's no longer the U.N. ambassador [referring to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton], because this is a good deal.

And it shows that, if you negotiate directly with the North Koreans, as I have been urging -- and the administration finally has done this with this very good negotiator -- you're getting something. The reality is that North Korea will not be able to harvest any new plutonium.

The next step has to be get them to dismantle all their nuclear weapons. But this is an important step. And I don't mind, as a Democrat, saying that.
Bill Richardson is the only presidential candidate who has a big enough shovel to fill the deep hole the Bush Administration has dug with regard to foreign policy. There is no substitute for experience.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Center for Strategic and International Studies Speech

Here is the text of Governor Richardson's speech to the Center for Strategic and Interational Studies on February 8, in which Richardson outlines his call for a new realism in American foreign policy.

In the speech, Governor Richardson outlines New Realism in 7 steps:
So this new realist vision for re-launching American leadership in the 21st century will entail several steps, which I will now outline.

Number one: First and foremost, we must repair our alliances. This means restoring respect and appreciation for our allies all over the world, in Europe and Latin America and Asia and Africa, but also those democratic values with unite us.

Number two: We must renew our commitment to international law and multilateral cooperation. This means expanding the United Nations Security Council to reflect international realities. And it means ethical reform at the U.N. so that this vital institution can meet the challenges of the 21st century. It means more third world debt relief and a World Bank focus on poverty reduction. It means shifting aid from loans to grants for the poorest countries. It means reviving the Doha round of trade talks and seeking trade agreements which seriously address wage disparities, worker rights, and the environment. It means more resources for the IMF so that it can protect the international economy from financial panic and shock. And it means respecting the Geneva Convention and joining the International Criminal Court.

Number three: The United States also must be the leader, not the laggard, in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You saw that startling scientific report that basically said it’s manmade causes that have brought us this crisis. We must join the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, and then go well beyond it; make up for lost time. We must lead the world also on energy security and national security with a man-on-themoon effort, not little energy bills here and there, to improve efficiency and commercialize clean alternative technologies. We must cut our fossil fuel consumption dramatically and rapidly and get others like China and India to follow us in a sustainable energy future, with diplomacy.

Number four: We need to stop treating diplomatic engagement with others like a reward for good behavior. The Bush administration’s refusal to engage bad regimes has only encouraged and strengthened the most paranoid and hard-line tendencies. The futility of this policy is most tragically obvious in regard to Iran and North Korea, who responded to Washington snubs and threats with intensification of their nuclear program. And we should be talking to Syria too about Hezbollah and a Middle East peace – American leadership talking even with regimes we don’t like so that we can show them the real costs and benefits that will result from their choices. Sometimes diplomacy demands that you talk tough, but to do that, you have to at least be talking. We also need to engage Russia and China more effectively, more strategically and systematically than we have as we encourage them to work with us to build a stable, peaceful world.

Number five: We need to focus on the real security threats from which Iraq has so dangerously diverted our attention. Our obsession with Iraq has cost us to lose focus on the real threats to this country. This means doing the hard work to build strong coalitions to fight terrorists and to stop nuclear proliferation. Most urgently, we need to lock down all of the world’s fissionable material quickly before terrorists get their hands on a nuclear bomb. And to accomplish this, we should increase funds and commitment to the Nunn-Lugar program to secure former Soviet nuclear weapons, and we must work aggressively with our Pakistani allies to make sure that no matter what happens in the future, Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal cannot fall into the hands of jihadists.

Number six: The United States also needs to start paying attention to the Americas, to Latin America, our own backyard. The legal trafficking of drugs and persons across the Mexican border threatens America’s national security, so we need better border security and comprehensive immigration reform – reform that provides for a guest worker program with a realistic and earned path to legalization for the 12 million undocumented workers that are in the United States.

Number seven: America needs to lead the global fight against poverty, which is the basis of so much violence. We must promote equitable trade agreements, create more jobs in all countries, and through our example and our diplomacy, we must encourage all wealthy countries to honor their U.N. Millennium Goals commitment. A commission on implementation of sustainable development goals, composed of world leaders and prominent experts should be created to recommend ways of meeting these Millennium commitments.

America needs to lead donors on debt relief, shifting aid from loans to grants, and a greater focus on primary health care and affordable vaccines. We should pressure pharmaceutical companies to allow expanded use of generic drugs, and we should stimulate public/private partnerships to reduce costs and enhance access to anti-malarial drugs and bed nets. Most importantly, America should spearhead a Marshall plan for the Middle East and North Africa. For a small fraction of the cost of the Iraq war, which has made us so many enemies, we could make many friends.
Not that there are domestic problems that are less important, but right now American foreign policy is among the biggest problems afflicting our country. As of today, Bill Richardson is the only presidential candidate outlining a complete foreign policy vision, and not just his plans for Iraq. Second, he's the only candidate who actually has he experience to take up the challenge of this enormous problem and restore America's standing in the world community.

George W. Bush has proven over and over again that there is no substitute for foreign policy experience. In 2008, the choice is simple: Bill Richardson for President.

South Carolina Newspaper Touts Richardson's Experience

This comes very close to being an endorsement of Governor Richardson's candidacy. The State (a South Carolina newspaper) published an article on Thursday that promoted the experience that Governor Richardson has which qualifies him to be our next President. It really helps that this article ran in an early primary state.
Democrats trying to wade through this crowded field of primary candidates should not overlook Gov. Richardson. The pundits don’t have him in the “first tier” of candidates. But to those voting in the Democratic primary who think foreign policy is the biggest issue in this race, the “first tier” should be Gov. Richardson and Sen. Joe Biden. And for Democrats who think energy and the environment are the biggest issue for 2008, Gov. Richardson’s background puts him in a tier by himself
Bottom line: Richardson for President.

Richardson in Good Position

When Hillary, John Edwards and Barack Obama are all done taking aim at each other, insiders at the National Journal say that Bill Richardson is best positioned among so-called "second-tier" candidates to move up. Of course, we don't believe that Bill is a second tier candidate, and the CW in D.C. has been known to be wrong.

In the poll of "longshots" who could emerge as serious contenders, Richardson blew out the competition.
Bill Richardson 46%
Tom Vilsack 25%
Christopher Dodd 23%
Wes Clark 4%
Joseph Biden 2%
Hat tip to Heath Haussamen.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Friends of Clinton Now Supporting Richardson

Though Governor Richardson is close with President and Senator Clinton, it seems some folks that the Clintons expected to support Hillary are supporting Governor Richardson instead.
But I do know cases where he is calling individuals who he thought were supporting Sen. Clinton, and they're supporting me - and I'm sure there are a lot more supporting her than supporting me, so he hasn't had to make many calls.
It's hard to say no when a President asks you to do something. There has to be a compelling reason to say no. Maybe they aren't supporting Hillary because of her position on the war in Iraq.
What isn't so easy to stomach is Hillary's assertion that she doesn't regret her war vote.
Most Americans want out of Iraq as soon as possible, most Democratic Senators who voted for the war now say they regret it (including John Edwards), and Bill Richardson has laid out a strategy that makes sense and gets the troops out of Iraq by the end of 2007. Foreign policy is one of the areas where our next President needs to be experienced, as our current President has proven. Bill Richardson is the only candidate who is experienced enough to deal with the foreign policy debacles created by the Bush Administration and restore America's standing in the global community.

Of course, having the former DNC chair as one of your chief fundraisers while he spouts anti-immigrant rhetoric worthy of Tom Tancredo can turn people off too.
McAuliffe, rather than pointing out that scapegoating the immigrants rather than confronting the economic forces creating the problems only worsens them, utterly capitulated:
I couldn't agree more. We've got to shut these borders down. These people shouldn't be coming in this country. We need to enforce our border protections. We have to do something for the people who have been here for years and have paid taxes -- you know, we're for the people who have been in this country and paying taxes and raising their family. But for the people who have not been here, who have been here illegally and have taken advantage of the situation, we need to have a plan to get them back to the countries they came from, and more important, which is the first thing John talks about, we have gotta shut these borders down. I couldn't agree more.

... I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, we all agree you've gotta shut the borders down. People who are coming into this nation taking our jobs.
In any case, it's clear that Hillary Clinton is no Bill Richardson on these issues, her friend Terry McAuliffe is not helping her, and people have an appreciation for experienced, common-sense leadership that brings people together. Bill Richardson for President.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Richardson Meetup Tomorrow Night

Washington for Richardson (those of us in the South Sound) will be getting together for tomorrow's National Bill Richardson Meetup Day at 7pm at Mud Bay Coffee on Olympia's westside. Mud Bay Coffee is located at 1600 Cooper Point Rd, in the same parking lot as Office Depot.

Local Coverage of Our Efforts

The Olympian had a nice write-up of our efforts to organize for Governor Richardson today.

Thanks to Brad Shannon for putting the info about our meetup online.

The Secret Is Out

We're no longer a secret. That's right the secret is out: bloggers are organizing support for Governor Richardson. The Albuquerque Journal and reporter Jeff Jones have noticed and are hip to what we're doing.
The blogs are booming for Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential bid.

The number of Internet-based groups plugging Richardson in his run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination has exploded since he kicked off his long-expected candidacy earlier this month.


"We had 25 groups before the announcement. And we have close to 60 now. These are mostly all new groups," said Emmett O'Connell, a Washington state blogger who helped found americaforrichardson.org, a blog that provides links to pro-Richardson groups from coast to coast.

O'Connell helped establish Tuesday as a Richardson "meet-up day" for the computer-centered groups to host small community meetings promoting Richardson's bid.

O'Connell and fellow blogger Ken Camp will have their meet-up at Mud Bay Coffee in Olympia, Wash. O'Connell said he expected that two dozen or so other Richardson meet-ups will be taking place in other states, and he's hoping they'll become a monthly happening.

"We're stereotyped as people in pajamas who sit around and blog endlessly about politics," Camp said. But, he added, "The goal is to spur people into action to support a particular candidate or cause. It will be face-to-face, and we've encouraged our friends to reach out to their local Democratic parties."
In this case, we want you to get up off your couch, stop reading this blog for one night and join us at Mud By Coffee tomorrow night. We don't care what your political party affiliation is, and we won't ask. All you need to do is join the conversation. The details about the meeting are below.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Governor Richardson's Speech at DNC Winter Meetings

Thanks to kev over at America for Richardson for uploading the video.

Part I of Governor Richardson's speech:

Part II of Governor Richardson's speech:

Saturday, February 03, 2007

More from the DNC Winter Meetings

More blogging from the DNC Winter Meetings.

MyDD's Jonathan Singer on Bill Richardson:
Today's second candidate, Bill Richardson, takes the stage with the song "Lean on Me" blasting from the speakers. Richardson is funny, amiable and seems to have the crowd in his hands. Richardson's call for all of the Democratic candidates to agree to only run positive campaigns in the primary and that the DNC adopt a resolution recommending this draws strong applause. Speaks of his long record as New Mexico's Governor, drawing stronger applause on his talk of standing up for workers -- including those in unions, particularly those in unions. Standing ovation for working for equality for sexual orientation, Apollo Program to decrease dependence on foreign oil. Though he went noticeably over the soft seven-minute time limit, he kept the audience with him -- not just because he had suppoerters strategically located throughout the hall but also because he gave a very good speech. It's not be enough, in and of itself, to get him into the top tier of candidates, but it may just have gotten him on that path.

Governor Richardson Well-Received at DNC

I will likely have more reports on this as the day goes on.

According to Jerome Armstrong at MyDD, who is at the DNC Winter Meeting:
Richardson's intro is "lean on me" by Bill Withers, and closes with some cha-cha music. He looks great-- Richardson might be getting tips from Huckabee. He is one of two that I believe can break out of the second tier. Richardson has a big opening in Nevada, if he is able to mobilize Latino voters to show up. If he does, in a week when it's the only contest and there's not a competing Republican contest for media attention, he's gonna pop onto the radar in a very big way. Then, maybe Florida? Don't count out union support for Richardson either, as he's got a record in New Mexico that's very union-friendly. Teachers too, Richardson came with NM at 47th in pay and is now in the 20's-- AFT. NM's enacted equality legislation, enacted the Kyoto standards, it's impressive. I really like Governor's as Presidential candidates, they have accomplishments they can point to, and Richardson has foreign experience as well. He was very well recieved by this audience, with multiple standing ovations, and Richardson probably moved up a few nothes in their views. Richardson believes in a "reconciliation" effort in Iraq, and calls for a deadline by the end of this year for the US to be out of Iraq. [emphasis mine]

Friday, February 02, 2007

Harvard Law Record Loves Governor Richardson

The Harvard Law Record loves Governor Richardson.

More accurately, our friend Andrea Saenz from the Bill Richardson Blog, had an editorial today in that fine publication, expressing her support for Governor Richardson.

Here is a sample:

Bill Richardson is often called the candidate with the most impressive resume; what that really means is he’s the most skilled and proven leader of all the candidates, Democrats and Republicans alike. Richardson, a graduate of the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, has been a member of Congress, Secretary of Energy, Ambassador to the U.N., and Governor of New Mexico, where he’s so well-regarded that in his re-election campaign he got 40% of the Republican vote. He’s spent his term improving schools, investing in health care and renewable energy, and creating high-tech jobs - all while lowering taxes and maintaining the highest budget reserves in state history. No, really.

On top of that, Richardson has negotiated internationally on behalf of the U.S. for more than a decade, including during the Bush Administration; he’s negotiated the release of hostages in Iraq and Cuba, met with North Korea, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein, and just three weeks ago, spent time in Darfur negotiating a cease-fire and peace summit with the Sudanese government and rebel groups. Diplomacy! Remember that? How about a President who not only believes in it, but is already skilled and well-respected by world leaders? Imagine the change a President Richardson would bring to America’s diplomatic efforts.

There is no substitute for experienced leadership. Richardson for President.