Sunday, February 18, 2007

Governor Richardson's New Hampshire Trip

Andrea at The Bill Richardson Blog spent her weekend following Governor Richardson in New Hampshire. Here is Part I of her four part series covering Richardson's weekend trip to New Hampshire.

More coverage of Governor Richardson in New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Union Leader

Tom St. Martin of Candia was encouraged by Richardson. "He's the first candidate I've seen that I want to support," he said, noting he saw both New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama last week.
Portsmouth Herald News

More than 100 people gathered to hear the current governor of New Mexico and former United Nations ambassador and energy secretary in the Clinton administration.

Robin Lent of Durham said, ā€œIā€™m here to find out more, he seems strong on foreign policy, like he might be able to straighten out the mess in Iraq.ā€

Seacoast Online

The other candidates can talk about foreign policy wishes, economic growth potential and forging an energy policy for the future, but Richardson said he has a track record of major accomplishment in all those arenas that exceeds his rivals.


He doesn't sugarcoat the domestic and foreign policy opportunities lost in the past six years. The Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war has been "an unfortunate ideological choice" that has "caused a real disaster" in the country's stature that will take a long time to rebuild.

Laconia Citizen
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson entertained an audience of over 100 at River Run Bookstore Saturday afternoon, keeping the mood light while offering his perspectives on foreign and domestic issues.


His sense of humor and charismatic grin kept the crowd at the independently owned bookstore laughing throughout his 45 minutes of remarks.

People packed spaces between bookshelves and behind the counter and cheered Richardson from word one on getting troops out of Iraq by the end of the calendar year through diplomacy.
[Who said Bill Richardson doesn't have charisma? Richardson's also a hard worker, and oh by the way, he's got charisma.]

Concord Monitor
In a trip that included visits to Concord, Manchester, Tilton, Portsmouth, Hampton and Holderness, Richardson attended the Concord fundraiser, four house parties, a bookstore chat and a very public haircut at Concord's Creative Colors & Cuts. Richardson, who commands about one percent of New Hampshire's Democratic votes, according to a February CNN/WMUR poll, said he hopes to win voters over through face-to-face meetings in intimate settings.

"I don't come here, do one event in a gym and leave," Richardson said, a likely reference to rival candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who came to Dover High School for a campaign event yesterday before quickly returning to Washington for a test vote on a resolution opposing the proposed troop surge in Iraq.


Gary Benson, the salon owner who gave Richardson a "health trim" Friday afternoon before a crowd of several dozen, had planned the campaign event as a favor for a customer who worked on the campaign. But he said that Richardson's experience and charm won him over.

"I think that he can break out of the pack," Benson said. "The guy's got a wicked sense of humor. I couldn't believe it: He's got charisma."

Experienced, charismatic, hard-working, and he gets results: Richardson for President.


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