Monday, February 19, 2007

Mike's Road Trip With Bill

Mike Caulfield, of Blue Hampshire, spent some time last weekend with Governor Richardson and interviewed him. Mike, who started off from a less than supportive position, found himself genuinely believing that Governor Richardson is the Democrats' best hope.

And why does Mike call Bill Richardson the most electable Democrat?

He does retail politics like the second coming of Bill Clinton. I met Richardson at a small coffee shop in Manchester, where a bunch of Young Dems had come to see him. The place was small, but packed. Richardson walks in, smiling broadly.


The man is made of Teflon. Bill is a much less polished speaker than any of the other candidates. And he can get a little lost sometimes in answering questions. But he's got an important attribute the other candidates don't have: he is made of Teflon.


The campaign called us. OK, this may be arrogant to say. But the fact that the campaign set something up with us impressed me. The Edwards campaign was good to us, but even with their fabled net-savvy, we got 20 minutes with 14 or more bloggers there.


I don't know if it's Richardson or not, but someone on that campaign gets that. And in 2007, that's an ace in the hole.


He's done it. The narrative as it stands now:

Hillary/Obama: We can do it.
Edwards: I'm doing it now.
Richardson: I've already done it.

Listen to the audio of Mike's interview with Governor Richardson here.


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