Thursday, February 22, 2007

More from Carson City

Courtesy of Nevada Up North, who was at the AFSCME presidential candidates forum yesterday in Carson City:
Richardson - Aside from Hillary's secret service, Richardson's campaign was the most visible. If there were campaign workers there from other places, I couldn't pick them out of the crowd. They all had buttons and special name tags. The advantage? Any press person or other person could easily identify them and speak with them about Richardson. Many folks did so and I think it was a good move by the Richardson campaign at an event where the audience didn't get much interaction with the candidates.
Bill Richardson has said he's going to be the hardest working candidate. This is what hard working candidates do. They reach out to the people at these kinds of events and make sure the room is filled with their colors, literature and buttons. It's retail politics 101, and that's why Bill Richardson is going to be a force in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Rick said...

Here is a link to the complete video of the first Democratic presidental candidates forum held in Carson City, Nevada on February 21, 2007:


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