Saturday, February 03, 2007

More from the DNC Winter Meetings

More blogging from the DNC Winter Meetings.

MyDD's Jonathan Singer on Bill Richardson:
Today's second candidate, Bill Richardson, takes the stage with the song "Lean on Me" blasting from the speakers. Richardson is funny, amiable and seems to have the crowd in his hands. Richardson's call for all of the Democratic candidates to agree to only run positive campaigns in the primary and that the DNC adopt a resolution recommending this draws strong applause. Speaks of his long record as New Mexico's Governor, drawing stronger applause on his talk of standing up for workers -- including those in unions, particularly those in unions. Standing ovation for working for equality for sexual orientation, Apollo Program to decrease dependence on foreign oil. Though he went noticeably over the soft seven-minute time limit, he kept the audience with him -- not just because he had suppoerters strategically located throughout the hall but also because he gave a very good speech. It's not be enough, in and of itself, to get him into the top tier of candidates, but it may just have gotten him on that path.


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