Thursday, February 15, 2007

Richardson Rising

While it might be a surprise to some, we've never doubted that Governor Richardson was a top-tier candidate. Though not yet perceived as a so-called front-runner, he is slowly working his way deeper into the public conscience and higher in the rankings.
While this could all merely be a coincidence, the slow Richardson rise has the makings of a real trend. It is happening among insiders and outsiders, among the establishment and the netroots, in real polls and straw polls / online rankings. In a way, it all makes sense, since Richardson has numerous potential "niches" he can fill in order to slowly move his candidacy into the top tier. He is the only westerner in the race. He is one of only two governors in the race. He is the only Latino in the race. He has the longest resume in the race. He also seems to be well liked by libertarians, as I have suggested in the past and as the Pajamas media poll also suggests (consider that Ron Paul is the clear Republican winner in those polls, and you get a sense of the libertarian audience doing the voting). All of these potential niches could allow his campaign to slowly move upward. If they eventually result in him reaching double-digits, quite a bit of money and media attention will follow the resulting sense of viability.


He might not be the top choice of too many people right now, but no one seems to dislike him. With a very long primary season ahead of us, and the possibility of burn-out taking place when it comes to the virtually over-exposed "top-tier," having no one dislike you could be an important way to start building support. Who knows--in a few months, Richardson could very well emerge as a fresh faced, new top tier contender. I am not saying it will definitely happen, but the possibility certainly seems to be there.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards can continue keep their sights on each other. Obama has achieved cult-like star status n the campaign trail way too early, and he'll fizzle out. Everyone knows what they get in Hillary, and though she'll have the money to hang in there, her negatives will keep her from being the nominee. And John Edwards looks pretty and says all the right things, but when it comes down to it, nobody out-works Bill Richardson.


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