Friday, February 16, 2007

Richardson Throws Down The Gauntlet

Bill Richardson has thrown down the gauntlet to other presidential candidates. He's going to be a big factor in this race, and he will have financial support. From the AP:
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson raised at least $2 million for his presidential campaign, a tally that puts him in good standing in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Almost 1,000 people attended the event Thursday night at a New Mexico resort, Cooper, Richardson's deputy campaign manager, said Friday. Individual contributors gave $2,300 — the maximum individual donation allowed under federal law for the primary election — and became "Friends of Bill." For $1,000, donors were dubbed "Supporters of Bill."

"We had a key group of 50 to 60 people committed to raising $25,000 each," said Cooper, who added that the campaign received some bundled checks with $25 contributions.
Please visit Richardson for President and consider giving a donation of whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps, and no amount is too small.


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