Monday, February 05, 2007

The Secret Is Out

We're no longer a secret. That's right the secret is out: bloggers are organizing support for Governor Richardson. The Albuquerque Journal and reporter Jeff Jones have noticed and are hip to what we're doing.
The blogs are booming for Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential bid.

The number of Internet-based groups plugging Richardson in his run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination has exploded since he kicked off his long-expected candidacy earlier this month.


"We had 25 groups before the announcement. And we have close to 60 now. These are mostly all new groups," said Emmett O'Connell, a Washington state blogger who helped found, a blog that provides links to pro-Richardson groups from coast to coast.

O'Connell helped establish Tuesday as a Richardson "meet-up day" for the computer-centered groups to host small community meetings promoting Richardson's bid.

O'Connell and fellow blogger Ken Camp will have their meet-up at Mud Bay Coffee in Olympia, Wash. O'Connell said he expected that two dozen or so other Richardson meet-ups will be taking place in other states, and he's hoping they'll become a monthly happening.

"We're stereotyped as people in pajamas who sit around and blog endlessly about politics," Camp said. But, he added, "The goal is to spur people into action to support a particular candidate or cause. It will be face-to-face, and we've encouraged our friends to reach out to their local Democratic parties."
In this case, we want you to get up off your couch, stop reading this blog for one night and join us at Mud By Coffee tomorrow night. We don't care what your political party affiliation is, and we won't ask. All you need to do is join the conversation. The details about the meeting are below.


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