Thursday, March 15, 2007

IAFF Forum Yesterday.

Yesterday the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) hosted a forum for the 2008 presidential candidates. It was the first forum that had both Democratic and Republican candidates present to state their case for the presidency. You can find the video of Governor Richardson's speech here.

Chris Cillizza has a post over at The Fix about Governor Richardson's speech.
Richardson repeatedly emphasized that he had a record of getting things done while his opponents' records were mostly rhetoric. He asked attendees not to choose a candidate based on the polls or which candidate was the biggest "rock star" but rather on who had a concrete record of accomplishments of getting things done for organized labor.


He said that record includes tax cuts, a balanced budget and an increase in the minimum wage -- all accomplishments based on his willingness to work across party lines. "I take a different approach to government," said Richardson. "I would be a bipartisan president."
A bipartisan president...a President for all of the people, not just evangelical Christians or NASCAR dads or hunters from the South. Sure, Bill Richardson will represent all of those people, but he'll represent the rest of us too, exactly as a President should.


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