Monday, March 05, 2007

Richardson Impresses in Iowa

Governor Richardson was in Iowa over the weekend and met with Young Democrats at Drake University. And there's more on that charisma thing that people are discovering Bill Richardson possesses:
Jonathan Quinn, a freshman at Drake, commented about Richardson's apparent disadvantage of not being as well known as other candidates but still plans to follow his campaign.

“I’m excited about him; he’s an interesting guy,” Quinn said. “The race is wide-open, since he definitely isn’t the party rock star it will be an uphill battle, but I think he has the charisma to do it.”


Rachel Vogel, a freshman at Drake, said it was Richardson’s three points that impressed her.

“He has a lot of concrete answers and ideas, not just empty rhetoric,” Vogel said. “He gets a lot of points in my book for being honest.”
Richardson may not be a rock star, but he will out-work the other candidates, and retail politics is his forte.
"My campaign mode is shaking hands, meeting people, being scrutinized, talking issues," Richardson said in a Des Moines Register interview at the outset of his two-day campaign swing. "Iowans, I understand, like to decide. They like to decide, not who the pundits and the polls decide."
In addition to a strong work ethic when it comes to meeting people, it helps to have the assistance of good political operatives when campaigning in Iowa.
While Richardson has registered in the low single digits in early Iowa polls, he has signed as a top consultant one of the party's most notable veteran organizers with Iowa experience. Steve Murphy, who managed former U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt's 1988 and 2004 presidential campaigns, is signed on with Richardson.
Though currently in the single digits in polling, Richardson is sure to rise in the polls when his Iowa staff gets him out there shaking hands. After all, Governor Richardson does hold the Guinness Book of World Record title for shaking hands. People are his business, and like one recent former President, Richardson is in his element when working a room or walking through a crowd of people.


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