Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Richardson Has Strong Showing in Minnesota DFL Straw Poll

Tonight the St. Paul, Minnesota DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) held its presidential straw poll. MNPoliGuy at The 2008 Presidential Forum has the results (for his precinct).
Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Wesley Clark, Mike Gravel and Tom Vilsack didnt get a single vote.

Undecided and Dennis Kucinich each got 1.

Hillary Clinton and John Edwards tied for third with 2 votes each.

Bill Richardson had a suprise showing, getting 4 votes to place second.

Update: Thanks to Marsha Kelly for pointing out my error. MNPoliGuy's results were only based on the results for his precinct. St. Paul DFL's website has the correct results:

Presidential Straw Poll Results
The ballots have been cast in the precinct caucus straw poll. The results are:

Sen. Hillary Clinton 324 25%

Sen. Barack Obama 323 25%

Sen. John Edwards 176 13.6%

Gov. Bill Richardson 115 8.9%

Rep. Dennis Kucinich 77 6.0%

V.P. Al Gore (write-ins) 31 2.4%

Gen. Wesley Clark 17 1.3%

Sen. Joseph Biden 13 1%

Sen. Chris Dodd 6 0.4%

Gov. Tom Vilsack 4 0.3%

Sen. Mike Gravel 0 0.0%

Undecided 207 16%

It's still early and while Barack Obama took first place in a landslide, Governor Richardson beat two of the perceived front-runners. Governor Richardson had a strong showing, and while it still is early, there is much work to do. The "front-runners" might as well get used to the fact that Bill Richardson isn't going away and will be in this race for the long haul.


At 9:40 AM, Blogger amy said...

Bill Richardson is a dark horse but he sure is the strongest governor in the 2008 presidential race.


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