Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Senator Obama: For The War or Against The War?

Earlier today, Markos posted the following:

This question still requires an answer:

Sharpton went on to criticize Obama on other issues, including his relationship with Sen. Joe Lieberman, who's controversial within the Democratic Party.

"Senator Obama and I agree that the war is wrong, but then I want to know why he went to Connecticut and helped Lieberman, the biggest supporter of the war," Sharpton told TV.

Not only does this question require an answer, but it raises other questions. Is Barack Obama a flip-flopper? Does he say one thing and do another? Can we trust this man to be President?

Obama supporters would do well to get their candidate to explain his position on the war and his support for Senator Joe Lieberman (Party of One - CT). Last time I checked, if you're for Joe Lieberman then you're for George W. Bush.

Update: Since this blog is all about Bill Richardson and why he'll make the best President of the United States, it's only fair that I contrast his position with Senator Obama's. While Barack Obama went to Connecticut to campaign for Senator Lieberman, Bill Richardson supported Ned Lamont and called on Joe Lieberman to step aside after he lost the primary.


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