Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Truth or Spin? You Decide.

According to Left Flank, I'm spinning so much I must be dizzy.

Of course, the 2008 elections are starting earlier than usual, so the spin starts earlier, too. In a way, it’s training for pundits and pols. I like Governor Bill Richardson, but :

Without Richardson’s diplomacy, North Korea never would have come back to the table for six party talks, and reach any agreement (large or small) on nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, on too many occasions the Bush Administration has been a bully, preferring to beat on its chest and spew rhetoric like a bunch of blowhards at a particular nation deemed “evil”. Richardson brought North Korea back to the table.

I'm not sure what LF thinks I'm spinning. It looks like LF concedes my point that the Bush Administration has taken the schoolyard bully approach to foreign policy. It's hard for anyone to deny that.

With regard to Bill Richardson, I challenge LF to tell me who it was that brought the North Koreans back to the table, if it wasn't Bill Richardson. Sure Condi Rice or some other State Department bureaucrat may have made a call to invite them to have a discussion, but it was Bill Richardson who consistently engaged in dialogue with the North Koreans, and it was Bill Richardson calling for the Bush Administration to engage the North Koreans. Bill Richardson made the six party talks possible. That's not spin, my friend, that's the truth.

Here is my post on Governor Richardson holding positive talks with North Korean diplomats in Santa Fe this past December.

Here is the Santa Fe New Mexican's video
of highlights from the December 2006 meeting.

Here is an article from 2005
regarding Governor Richardson's talks with North Korea.

Here is CNN's report on a 2003 meeting
between Governor Richardson and North Korean officials.

So LF, there are several links that detail Governor Richardson's efforts to engage the North Korean government in productive dialogue and bring them to the table as a country in good global standing and negotiating in good faith. Where's your proof that I'm wrong?

Update: LF has responded that I'm doing my "wounded pundit impression, mimicking the finest traditions of the conservatives and dominionists." He goes on to say that "it's either total loyalty or apostasy." For the record LF, it's loyalty to Bill Richardson.


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