Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Will The Real John Edwards Please Stand Up?

What does this say about John Edwards?

From the AP:
Democratic strategist Bob Shrum writes in his memoir to be published in June that he regrets advising Edwards to give President Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq. He said if Edwards had followed his instincts instead of the advice of political professionals, he would have been a stronger presidential candidate in 2004.
It's great that Edwards came out and called his vote to authorize war in Iraq a mistake, now that he's running for President. But is it politically expedient? The truth is that when push came to shove, Edwards relied on a Beltway-insider political consultant to make his decision, instead of standing by his convictions.

So if Edwards won't stand up for what he believes in, but stands up for what political consultants believe in, do you really think as President he'll stand up for you?

And a note to those Edwards supporters who will inevitably e-mail or comment: Edwards isn't the only one who got it wrong on this issue, but Shrum's revelations lead to serious questions about his decision making capabilities.


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