Sunday, April 01, 2007

"A Guy of Substance With A Real Record"

This editorial is worth the read and explains to the entire country why Governor Richardson should be President.

From the St. Petersburg Times:

I defy anyone to name a Democrat better equipped to take Florida than New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Think of it: a tax-cutting, NRA-supported progressive Democrat who can make a strong case in the conservative Panhandle; and the first Latino presidential nominee sure to energize the crucial Hispanic vote in South Florida and Central Florida.

For Central Florida's crucial swing voters disillusioned by what they've seen with Iraq and Katrina, the two-term red- state governor, former U.N. ambassador, and U.S. energy secretary can sell competence. Nobody on either side is as experienced and tested on the key issues of the day - foreign policy, energy independence and economic growth.


A presidential candidate who looks like normal Americans, is substantive, unscripted and spontaneous? It's about time.

"He doesn't have the $3,000 suit or the perfectly coiffed hair, but he's a guy of substance and with a real record," said Miami real estate investor Stephen Bittel, who is raising money for Richardson and finds a lot of people pegging Richardson as their second choice. "He opens his mouth, and you believe and feel he's telling the truth. And you know what, this is a time in our history when we want to be told the truth." [emphasis mine]

A guy of substance, a real record of proven experience and credibility...What a change from business as usual. Richardson for President in 2008.


At 2:18 PM, Blogger Political Realm said...

Nice blog. Richardson is definitely one that I'm considering. Hopefully the rest of the country gives him a chance before giving in to the Hillary vs. Obama contest.


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