Thursday, April 26, 2007

Liveblogging the Democratic Debate Part II

Next round of questions.

Obama goes first. Obama promised a new brand of politics but the Chicago Sun-Times reported on dealings he had with a donor that was questionable, and asked if he was not practicing what he preached. Obama said no and says he denounced the donor and talks about campaign finance reform work he did in the Illinois State Senate.

Edwards has spoken with eloquence about poverty, and "Two Americas". He's being asked about the $400 haircut. Why did he pay for it out of campaign funds? Edwards said it was a mistake, and admits to living a privileged lifestyle, but says he hasn't forgotten where he came from. He is telling the well-rehearsed old story of being a son of a mill worker. "I'm running so everyone in this country has the same chance as I have." Brian Williams asked him about his work representing a hedge fund, and if hedge funds are of any value in this country. Edwards says people in financial markets in New York understand these issues and may be able to help out.

Hillary is asked how is America a great country because of hedge funds. She says the entrepreneurial spirit is what makes America great, but also being able to regulate that is great.

Governor Richardson is asked about why he is among the last to call for Attorney General Gonzales to resign because "he's Hispanic. I'm honest". Richardson explains that he wanted Gonzales to have a chance to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee to give answers to the questions regarding the firings of U.S. Attorneys. American people want candor, they don't want blow-dried candidates with perfection. He said he gave Gonzales a chance to explain himself, and he blew it, and so he called for his resignation.

Kucinich is asked why since he is anti-war from the start does he not seem to have the political support. He responds, "This isn't American idol, we're electing a President." He's calling out his colleagues on stage for making a bad decision on Iraq, and says apologies aren't enough.

Biden is asked about his "foot in mouth" disease, his penchant for speaking without thinking. Can you reasure voters that you have the discipline you need on the world stage. Biden responds with a one-word answer: Yes. Everyone laughs.

Gravel is asked why he's here tonight if he said that it doesn't matter if he's elected President or not. Calls out his opponents and says some of these people frighten me, and he says some of them are using code for using nuclear weapons. Brian Williams asks him who among the other candidates frighten him, and he calls out the top-tier candidates. "The only thing worse than a soldier dying in vain, is more soldiers dying in vain."


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