Thursday, April 26, 2007

Liveblogging the Democratic Debate Part IV

Richardson is asked about his position against raising taxes to pay for universal health care. Hopes Democrats don't always need to raise taxes to pay for programs. "I'm a Governor, I deal with this every day."

1. No new bureaucracy,

2. Everyone shares - businesses, state & federal government

3. Focus on prevention, deterring diseases like diabetes which is 30% of health care costs.

4. Deal with inefficiencies in the system.

5. Re-establish doctor-patient relationship.

Question from the audience: Do you support the NAACP, which has asked people not to come to South Carolina until the Confederate flag is taken down from the state house?

Biden - important to show off this state and these people and this university.

Obama - The Confederate flag belongs in a museum.

A note on perceptions about the candidates so far:

Hillary looked downright wide-eyed and animatronic at the beginning of the debate. And she shouldn't shout her answers so much.

Gravel is the hellraiser, making wild statements to fire people up.

Richardson looks like the statesman he is, calling on his vast experience to answer questions.

Obama seems to still be all style and no substance


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