Thursday, April 26, 2007

Richardson Could Surprise In South Carolina

With the Democratic Presidential debate coming up tonight in South Carolina, Governor Richardson is taking this as an opportunity to move this contest from a high school-like popularity contest to a more adult discussion of ideas and substance.
“This will be the first chance for Americans to see all of the Democratic candidates together and to see who is the most qualified and best prepared to be President on day one,” said Governor Richardson. “We won’t be debating the poll numbers, we’ll be debating and stating our opinion on real issues, and people will see a difference. There are important differences in the qualifications and accomplishments of the candidates. They’ll see that I would get our troops out of Iraq, all of our troops, with no residual forces. I’ve been there, I know the region, and I know our presence is no longer helping. They’ll see that I believe we can provide universal health coverage for all Americans without raising taxes. In New Mexico I expanded access to health care while cutting taxes. They’ll see how I plan to help the American middle-class prosper, and how I believe we can improve our schools and give every child the opportunity to go to college or vocational school. This is the best and brightest field of Democratic candidates ever, but there are real differences that people need to know before they make up their minds.”
Hotline On Call has been talking to the movers and shakers inside the Democratic party in South Carolina, and they have some interesting thoughts on Bill Richardson's chances.
Bill Richardson has a better organization here than people think, and superstardom and money aside, he's probably the best fit for Democrats here.
We agree. So go ahead and discount Bill Richardosn and his supporters at your own peril. We the Richardson netroots are a reflection of our governor, and while we may not be rock stars in the popularity contest, we'll work harder than everyone else, just like Bill Richardson is working harder than his opponents. Besides, have you ever gone back to your high school reunion and seen the cool kids? They aren't so cool anymore.


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