Monday, April 16, 2007

Richardson Fundraising Numbers in Washington

Did you catch today's Seattle P-I article on the 2008 candidates' Q1 fundraising in Washington?

Here are the numbers for our candidate:
Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M.: $37,710 of $6.2 million total
Among the Democratic candidates who raised $10,000 or more in Washington, Governor Richardson came in fourth place. Given that Governor Richardson had a legislative session to contend with and wasn't able to ramp up the fundraising the way others did in Q1, expect his fundraising numbers to rise this quarter.

Here's my challenge to my fellow Washingtonians. For Quarter 2, will you help Bill Richardson raise $100,000 in Washington state? Go to Richardson for President and make as generous a donation as you can. No amount is too small to make a difference, and a whole lot of $5 contributions will add up to $100,000. Make sure when you make your donation that you add $.42 to whatever you donate (Washington is the 42nd state in the Union, and this will let the Richardson campaign know that Washington is for Richardson).

There are many ways to reach our goal of $100,000. Give up your daily latte for 3 months and give the money to Bill Richardson. Every time you swear for the next 3 months, put a dollar in a jar and give it to Bill Richardson. Sell those old CD's from your high school days that you don't listen to anymore and donate to Bill Richardson. You don't even have to be in for 3 months worth, but do something, anything, to help Bill Richardson take back our country. I'm already in for a total of $60 so far and will give as much as I can this quarter.

Tell your friends, family and co-workers about why you support Bill Richardson and ask them to donate to his campaign too. Let's raise at least $100,000 by June 30.


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