Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Details on the Richardson Ad Competition

Nevada Up North has posted additional details on the Bill Richardson for President ad competition it is hosting.

If you've got video skills, why not try your hand at creating an ad for Governor Richardson? Entry must be received by July 1.

When a winner is selected we will run the video here at Washington for Richardson.

Governor Richardson Speaks to DFA on Energy

Democracy for America sent out a video response to its members today from Governor Bill Richardson regarding his energy plan. Here is the video.

Host or Attend A Bill Richardson Debate Watch Party This Sunday

This Sunday in New Hampshire, Governor Richardson will be participating in the second Democratic debate. The debate will be televised by CNN at 7pm Eastern.

You can help by hosting a debate watch party for your fellow Bill Richardson supporters or attending one in your local area. Attending or hosting a debate watch party gives you an opportunity to meet supporters in your area, learn more about the issues, and think of new ways to mobilize support for Governor Richardson in your town.

In addition, the campaign is hosting an online debate watch party, where you'll be able to chat with other supporters and possibly some of the campaign staff online as the debate is happening. I will be one of the moderators of the online debate party.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Campaign Schedule May 29-June 3

From Bill Richardson for President:

Tuesday, May 29 – Eastern Time

WHEN: Afternoon and evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Boca Raton, FL

Wednesday, May 30 – Eastern Time

WHEN: Afternoon
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Condado, Puerto Rico

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Thursday, May 31 – Mountain Time

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Santa Fe, NM

Friday, June 1 – Mountain Time

WHEN: Afternoon and evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Gallup & Albuquerque, NM

Saturday, June 2 - Eastern Time

WHEN: 10:30 am
WHAT: New Hampshire Democratic Convention
WHERE: Rundlett Middle School, Concord, NH

WHEN: 5:30 pm
WHAT: Iowa Hall of Fame Dinner
WHERE: Crowne Plaza, Five Seasons Hotel, 350 1st Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids, IA

Sunday, June 3 - Eastern Time

WHEN: 7:00 pm
WHAT: CNN, WMUR and the Union Leader 2008 Democratic Presidential Debate
WHERE: St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Meet The Press Video

Here's the video for Governor Richardson's appearance on Meet the Press (click on NBC Meet The Press Netcast):


Richardson's Seattle Trip Wrap-up Part II

Thursday, Governor Richardson was in Seattle for some political meetings and a fundraiser. My day started off by getting to the Westin Hotel at 11:00am. I got there early to meet Carlos Trujillo, the Governor's Western States Political Director. Once Carlos arrived, we dropped his bags off and went to lunch at the Icon Grill (across the street from the hotel).

While Carlos and I were eating lunch, Governor Richardson was in Redmond talking to several hundred Microsoft employees. Those of us involved in the trip planning had been trying to get the Governor some time with the people involved in the Microsoft PAC. Governor Richardson said later that when he spoke at Microsoft, he mentioned his recent trip to the Bay Area where he spoke to Google employees. When that was met with a less than enthusiastic response, Governor Richardson remarked that he's a 10% and needs all the help he can get.

I got feedback on the Microsoft speech from 2 sources: a Microsoft employee and an interested observer I know from my day job. The employee was already a Richardson supporter, and the observer raved about how down to earth and unpretentious Governor Richardson is. Here are some of those comments:

"No pretense...self-deprecating..delivered with a confidence. Strong at presenting his qualification..........Had solid answers to immigration, the war, environment, etc...he took extra questions..and took extra time to shake hands at the end..........very well-qualified for effective leadership."

The next meeting was one I set up, with Latino business, civic and political leaders. Thanks to Luis Moscoso, Tomás Villanueva and Tania Maria Rosario for their assistance in helping me identify the appropriate people to invite to the meeting. I felt this meeting was a great success, as we had standing room only (more people came than we planned for) with people coming out of the door. Governor Richardson made some comments about the campaign and his thoughts on the immigration bill in Congress and then took questions. Most of the questions focused on the immigration issue and how to support Latino small business and entrepreneurs. I have to confess I was out in the hallway due to the lack of space, so I didn't hear everything.

Governor Richardson's next meeting was with state Democratic Party leaders in the Cascade Ballroom. I was not in the room because I was setting up for another meeting, but I'm told it went well and that he emphatically stated his position that we have to get our troops out of Iraq by the end of 2007. Look at this post for the links to the articles written by David Postman and Neil Modie, since they were in the room for the speech.

Governor Richardson's next meeting was an impromptu one, with leaders of the LGBT community. I say impromptu because it was not on Governor Richardson's calendar, but he took the time to meet with the 20 people who had come to see him. Again, I wasn't in the room, but spoke to one person afterwards who said that Governor Richardson had been supportive on all of the issues that were discussed with the exception of gay marriage.

After a 30 minute wait for the impromptu LGBT meeting to end, Governor Richardson met with a handful of bloggers, including me. There we discussed everything frommedial marijuana and the drug war, to energy, transportation, immigration, habeas corpus, health care and the Iraq war. David Goldstein has posted his thoughts on the meeting, and thehim has posted a summary as well. Dan Kirkdorffer also has a comprehensive summary of the meeting posted.

It was Governor Richardson's second time meeting with most of the bloggers who came. We also met with him last July when he was in town on Democratic Governor's Association business.

Finally, Governor Richardson met with labor leaders in tow separate meetings. The first meeting was with labor leaders affiliated with AFL-CIO. The second meeting was with the SEIU locals. For those unfamiliar with union politics, last year SEIU split with AFL-CIO to join some other unions in forming the Change to Win coalition. I was also not in the room for these meetings so I am not privy to what was said.

To end the day, we all went to a fundraiser in Mercer Island at the home of Judy and Joe Shocken. If you're from Washington, you have an idea of what Mercer Island is like. If not, let me tell you it was a nice sunny day, about 75 degrees and we were at a very nice house on the shores of Lake Washington.

I got there early to help set up and make sure things were taken care of. I worked the reception table along with Dawn Bonker and Michael Martin. 10 people or so had shown up when Governor Richardson arrived at 7:03pm (the fundraiser started at 7pm). He even joked about it being 7:03, probably because all of his meetings earlier in the day had gone overtime, and he had been a few minutes late to each successive meeting.

During the course of the evening Governor Richardson entertained guests with his now famous story of meeting with Saddam Hussein and insulting him by showing him the bottom of his shoe (this is an insult in the Arab world, but in Bill Richardson's defense he was dragged out of his bed at 1am after a long trip to Iraq to go meet with Saddam).

I got to spend a couple of minutes with the Governor at the fundraiser and he thanked me for all of my work and told me he thought we'd had a good day. Having worked for elected officials for almost 10 years now, and having been around plenty of politicians and famous people, being thanked for my work by Bill Richardson was very gratifying. You could hear it in his voice and know that he really meant it.

However, I'm not going to take all of the credit for the thanks that was given, because I'm not the only one making things happen. Thanks also goes to Emmett O'Connell, my partner in crime, and thanks to all of you who are out there working on behalf of Bill Richardson. I can assure you he really appreciates it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yesterday's Iraq War vote - Where the Candidates Stand

Governor Richardson issued this statement yesterday, regarding the vote on Iraq War funding.

"The best way to support our troops is to get them out of Iraq, and this bill will not move us any closer to that. The Democratic Congress is missing an opportunity. They should repeal the original resolution that gave the President the authority to take action against Iraq and replace it with one that requires the President to take all the troops out of Iraq by the end of the year. Congress has the authority to do that under Article One of the Constitution and under the War Powers Act and the President cannot veto it. Congress should not pass any appropriations beyond the date of de-authorization. By doing it that way, Congress would both fully fund our troops and get them out of Iraq as soon as possible." [emphasis mine]

Governor Richardson wants our troops out of Iraq now, as do the vast majority of the American people.

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don't seem to be sure about their positions on the war. Here's what Paul Begala had to say on Anderson Cooper 360 last night about their no votes on the legislation:

You know, I think both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, neither of them covered themselves with glory here. This -- this bill was not unexpected. It was not a deal that would suddenly shock anybody.

And the fact that they could not decide until just -- just right before the vote, where they were going to be, I think, is going to upset a lot of their supporters. And maybe this gives new oxygen to some of the stronger, clearer anti-war candidates.

Indecisiveness on major issues is not a quality commonly listed when people are asked about what they like in a Presidential candidate. I think it's also cold political calculation by both Senators.

But perhaps Obama having James Crown, whose family holds a major stake in defense contractor General Dynamics, as his chief fundraiser in Illinois, has something to do with his problem deciding where he is on the war.

Mr. Crown, whose family’s investments include a major stake in the military contractor General Dynamics, said family members normally avoided taking sides in a primary, in part because it was not good for business. But with Mr. Obama, they made an exception, with 10 family members giving a total of $112,500.

Why bite the hand that feeds you?

And then there's John Edwards on the vote:

"Washington failed America today when Congress surrendered to the president's demand for another blank check that prolongs the war in Iraq. It is time for this war to end. "Congress should immediately use its funding power to cap troop levels in Iraq at 100,000, stop the ongoing surge, and force an immediate drawdown of 40-50,000 troops, followed by a complete withdrawal in about a year. "The American people's call for a new course in Iraq was not answered today, but Congress still has the power to end this war. Our security and democracy alike demand it." [emphasis mine]

John Edwards goes nowhere near as far as Bill Richardson. John Edwards wants to leave troops in Iraq for up to a year, allowing more of them to be targeted by militants. A new course isn't leaving troops in Iraq Senator Edwards. A new course is getting them out and leaving no residual forces inside Iraq.

Of all of the candidates, it's not surprising that the one with the most foreign policy experience, Bill Richardson, has the best plan for Iraq. Go read Governor Richardson's New Realism for Iraq and tell your friends.

Richardson's Seattle Trip Wrap-up Part I

I haven't yet had time to put together my thoughts on Governor Richardson's trip to Seattle yesterday, but here is some other coverage:

David Postman of the Seattle Times, who covered Governor Richardson's speech to crowd of Washington State Democrats.

thehim at Blog Reload, on a meeting I set up for bloggers and Governor Richardson.

Neil Modie at the Seattle P-I, on Richardson's trip to Western Washington.

I'd also like to quickly add that it was good seeing some of you grassroots Richardson supporters yesterday (Andrew Lewis, Mike Kelly, Andrew Giron). I'm looking forward to working with you to promote Governor Richardson's campaign.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Light Posting

I'll be in meetings this afternoon with Governor Richardson, but will post later today or tomorrow about the events of the day in Seattle, including a blogger Q&A that we're having. This will be Governor Richardson's second time meeting with most of these bloggers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Campaign Schedule May 23-27

From Richardson for President:

Wednesday, May 23 - Mountain Time

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Santa Fe, NM

Thursday, May 24 - Pacific Time

WHEN: Afternoon
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Seattle, WA

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Private campaign events
WHERE: Seattle, WA

Friday, May 25 - Mountain Time

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Albuquerque, NM

Saturday, May 26 - Eastern Time


Sunday, May 27 - Eastern Time

WHEN: 8:30 am - 10:15 am
WHAT: Appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press"
WHERE: Washington, DC

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Sonora, CA

Richardson Takes Campaign to The Situation Room

Yesterday, after announcing his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2008, Governor Richardson appeared on CNN's The Situation Room. The transcript of the show can be found here.

On the show, Governor Richardson discussed the new Senate immigration reform bill, his campaign and how he can move to the front of the pack, and his thoughts on President Carter's comments on President Bush.

On how he's moving in the right direction and how he can become the Democratic nominee:

BLITZER: All right, the polls show that you're still at the second tier, although you must have been encouraged somewhat by this "Des Moines Register" poll that just came in. It's got you now at 10 percent; John Edwards with 29; Barack Obama, 23; Hillary Clinton, 21.

What do you need do, Governor to get yourself at the top tier of these candidates?

RICHARDSON: Well, I also saw a poll where I'm 10 percent in New Hampshire -- probably the two most important states. So I'm moving forward.

What I need to do is, one, get known around the country that I'm the candidate that is most prepared, with the most foreign policy background, the most energy background. I'm a governor. I've run a state. I've managed a bureaucracy of over 100,000 people as secretary of energy. And that I have a positive plan to bring this country together, both domestically and internationally.

It's, also, Wolf, outworking everybody. And you know that. I'm everywhere. I am going house to house in Iowa, in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina. Now Florida wants to move up. I'll go to every house in Florida. I don't know how I can do that, because it's a big state.

This is the man who holds the Guinness handshake record, and who regularly, as Governor of New Mexico, holds public meetings where the people can line up and come chat with him about their issues.I have no doubt he'll work harder than the others.

So my challenge to all the Richardson supporters out there is this:

Are you prepared to work harder than the other campaign's supporters?

Each of us has special talents and skills we can lend to the campaign. Though we can't all give 24 hours a day to the campaign, anything we can give will help.So let's be a reflection of our leader and match his intensity and work ethic. If we all work our hardest and give everything we can, then Bill Richardson will be our next President.

Campaign Update

Last night on the conference call with Governor Richardson he outlined some next steps for his campaign.

With the good news in recent polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, Governor Richardson said his campaign will be doing an extensive ad buy in both states, which will mean the "Job Interview" ad will soon be playing in both states.

Governor Richardson also said he'll be continuing his aggressive door-to-door grassroots campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire, which people are responding to.

He'll also be on Meet The Press with Tim Russert this Sunday for the full hour, so tune in.

A Thank You From Bill Richardson

Last night, I was fortunate to be on two conference calls with Governor Richardson, for grassroots/netroots leaders. On both calls Governor Richardson expressed his heartfelt thanks to all of you for the work that you're doing getting his message out and spreading the word about the campaign. One of the things he said that was very gracious, and that I want to share with you was:

"I love you all. This was just as much your day as it was mine. I wish you could be here with us."

Bill Richardson was not just dropping platitudes on these phone conferences. It was clear to anyone listening that he was caught up in the big day and genuinely wanted to share it with all of us. He was sincere and grateful for all of the work we do on his behalf.

So on behalf of Governor Richardson, thank you for the work you're doing. Through all of your hard work we will elect Bill Richardson the next President of the United States.

Governor Richardson on Stephanie Miller Show

In case you missed it, Governor Richardson was on The Stephanie Miller Show last week. You can listen to the interview here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Text of Bill Richardson's Announcement Speech

Here is the complete text of Governor Richardson's speech (as prepared for delivery) announcing the end of the exploratory phase of his campaign and his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

"I'd like to thank all of you for joining us here today. It means so much to me to officially announce my candidacy in California, the state I was born in and the state whose primary I plan on winning on my way to becoming the next President of the United States.

The United States faces huge challenges, but also huge opportunities. I am running for President because these times call for a leader with a proven track record, and a demonstrated ability to bring people together to tackle our problems at home and abroad.

I am that person, not because I say so, but because of what I have done, and what I can do for the American people. The challenge of the campaign I am launching today is to get that message heard.

Running for this office is the ultimate job interview. It's not just about the positions you've held but the job you've done and your ability to lead on day one at a very critical time in our nation's history.

This Presidential election is unlike any other we've ever seen. From day one, we have to repair the damage done here at home and to our reputation abroad. And that all starts with restoring diplomacy as the primary instrument of our foreign policy ... and basic fairness as the primary means for problem solving in Washington.

There are a lot of candidates in this race with good ideas. But coming up with a good idea is only half the job. The other half is bringing people together to get it done. I'm proud of my record of getting things done. And I'll put that record up against anyone's.

Some of the critical questions to ask every candidate in this race are: how will you solve the crisis in Iraq and bring our troops home? How will you deal with global warming? How will you address the health care crisis in this country? And what will you do about illegal immigration? How will you grow the middle class again?

I cannot address all these in one short statement, and I urge everyone to check my website,, for a more complete explanation, but let us discuss several:

First, Iraq.

Some will tell you that we only have two options: either stay in Iraq and try to referee a civil war or leave and collapse into chaos. I've spent a lot of time in this part of the world and let me tell this: that is a false choice.

Removing all of our troops and healing Iraq are one and the same. Only when it is clear that the US will leave Iraq can the hard diplomatic work have a chance for success. A negotiated political settlement, involving the warring parties and interested neighbors is how to prevent a regional war.

And we have a strategic interest in organizing a regional conference, with all of Iraq's neighbors including Syria and Iran, to help stabilize Iraq.

But I would leave no troops behind in Iraq. No air bases. No security patrols. No embedded soldiers training Iraqi forces ... because we all know what that means. It means our troops would still be out on the streets with targets on their backs.

We need a president who is not dismissive of diplomacy, but someone who embraces it as the primary instrument of foreign policy because he has practiced it, and knows how to get results.

Being stubborn is not a foreign policy and being President means working with both parties. As Lee Iacocca has said: "Courage in the 21st Century doesn't mean posturing and bravado. Courage means a commitment to sitting down at the negotiating table and talk." I agree.

It was tough, face-to-face talks that helped secure the release of journalist Paul Salopek, and two colleagues from a jail in Darfur. I am so proud that his wife, Linda Lynch, is here today. You know, when I visited Darfur in January and negotiated a cease fire, I saw thousands of widows and fatherless children trying to escape the genocide ... waiting in line in oppressive heat for a month. They wanted to know why it was taking the United States so long to do something. I didn't have a good answer. As President, I will make sure the US leads the world in saying no more- the violence must end.

We also need a President who is not dismissive of energy independence and global warming. This is no longer a choice---it is a moral imperative for our planet and a matter of survival of our country.

I'm proud that I made New Mexico the clean energy state. We're already requiring utility companies to produce energy from renewable sources. We've already invested directly in energy efficiency, we're promoting renewable energy with tax credits for using wind, solar, and biofuels, and we've eliminated taxes on hybrid cars.

I have the most aggressive plan of anyone running for President. Within twelve years, my plan would reduce greenhouse emissions by 20 percent, lower demand for oil by fifty percent, and push fuel economy standards to 50 miles per gallon.

By the year 2040, my plan would require that 50 percent of our electricity be generated from renewable sources and would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.

The League of Conservation Voters rated mine the most aggressive plan with the highest goals of any candidate.

I'm also ambitious on health care.

Every political candidate says that all Americans should have access to affordable health care. But how do we achieve that? .

In New Mexico, we have made a start by expanding our state health insurance to cover every child under five, we have tackled childhood obesity, we've insured more working New Mexicans and we're looking to expand it even more.

But states shouldn't have to struggle to solve this problem on their own.

My plan as President is simple: Every employer must provide health insurance for their employees or pay an equivalent fee to the federal government, and every individual must have health insurance.

Employers and individuals will have their choice of options-- if they like the coverage they have, they can keep it. My plan creates no new federal bureaucracies.

Next, the middle class. They have been under attack for the last 6 years. As President, I am going to reverse that and pursue polices like those we have in New Mexico. We gave tax credits to companies that create jobs paying above the prevailing wage, we helped start up high tech companies and we invested in technical training

And, while Washington DC could not do anything, we passed a $7.50/hour minimum wage

And finally, immigration. As the Governor of a border state, I deal with this issue every day.

The proposal moving forward in the Senate is a step in the right direction toward establishing a path to legalization. But at the same time it's a step in the wrong direction because it separates parents from children and loved ones from their families.

The touchback provision is ill conceived, and any guest worker program mustrequire available jobs to be first posted for American citizens and legal residents.
We can address the illegal immigration problem by taking three realistic steps.
First, we have to recognize that no fence ever built has stopped history. And a border fence wouldn't either. If you build a ten foot fence, someone will use an 11 foot ladder.
Instead, use that money to secure the border with more Border Patrol officers. We need to at least double the number of Border Patrol agents. That would secure the border.
Second, we need a path to legalization requiring those living in the United States illegally to pay a realistic fine, pass a background check, and pay any back taxes.
And third, we have to work closely with the Mexican government. Mexico needs to do more to stem the flow. But if we create a reasonable guest worker program and provide a path to legalization for illegal immigrants already here, there is every reason to expect Mexico to do its part with economic reforms and to help us with border security.
You can go to my website,, to find my complete plans on each of these issues. These will be some of the defining issues of the campaign.
This is a pivotal time in our nation's history. The challenges we face are not acts of God or accidents of fate. They were man-made and deliberate.
Whether it was willful ignorance or an ignorant will, we are left with the ravages of an administration that will take years to rectify.

We cannot expect the world to readily trust us as before. But we can try. We can negotiate with honor, defend with integrity, and reach out with conciliation. We have many fences to mend ... and I'm ready to get started."

Bill Richardson Announcement Video

Here is the video that Bill Richardson for President put up on its website this morning. Warning: You'll have to turn your sound up because the sound quality is low.

And for our Spanish speaking friends, Bill Richardson anuncia para la Presidencia:

Liveblogging: Bill Richardson for President Announcement

In just a few minutes, at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, Bill Richardson is officially announcing his intention to run for President. Governor Richardson is surrounded by friends and long-time supporters from New Mexico and California for the announcement.

First Lady Barbara Richardson has just introduced Governor Bill Richardson. He's thanking 3 women who have spoken today: LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Linda Lynch and his wife, Barbara.

He's asking a question of Lt. Governor Diane Denish, wondering who is minding the store since both of them are in Los Angeles.

He recognized that he was born in California and says he will win the primary. Says he will make history, and speaking some Spanish says he will be the first Latino President of the United States.

He says he is running for President because this nation needs a leader who has a track record and can bring people together.

Unfortunately, CNN cut away, MSNBC isn't covering the speech and Faux News had it but cut away to violence in Lebanon.

Stay tuned, we'll have the video and text of the announcement speech as soon as we get it.

Live from Los Angeles

I'm not in Los Angeles, but Joaquin Guerra is and he just posted a blog entry at the campaign website.

In less than an hour, Governor Bill Richardson will announce that he is officially running for President of the United States of America. I'm in Downtown Los Angeles at the historic Biltmore Hotel, where the Governor will make his announcement. By his side will be his wife, the First Lady of New Mexico, Barbara Richardson, and many of the Governor's long time supporters from New Mexico and California.

Like the momentum that we've built on the campaign, the excitement is building here in the Gold Room. The room is filling up and people are talking about the Governor's poll numbers, he's up 10 points in Iowa and New Hampshire. They're talking about his latest ads which are a hit, not just in Iowa and New Hampshire, but on You Tube where they've been viewed more that 100 Thousand times.

And they're talking about the fact that the Governor is the only candidate that is calling for getting our troops out of Iraq this year and leaving noresidual US forces in Iraq. Learn more about the Governor'splan to de-authorize the war and withdraw ALL troops by the end of the year, so that we can start redirecting our energy toward what matters most for Americans: improving education, expanding access to quality health care, and addressing the REAL security threats like the Taliban, nuclear proliferation, and global warming.

Tune in to CNN, which is carrying the Governor's announcement live in just a few minutes.

Richardson for President.Com 2.0

In case you haven't seen it this morning, go check out the new Richardson For President. All of you Washingtonians who support Bill Richardson, please go here and sign up for an account and join the Washington for Richardson group. In the past, we have been using Zanby as our online organizing tool, but now will be switching over to using the tools at Richardson for President to organize ourselves. Make sure you sign up for an account so you don't miss any important announcements from me regarding our Meetups, and other important information about the campaign.

With a new blog, new tools to get involved, and even a portal for our Spanish speaking friends, there is something for everyone at Richardson for President.

I will not be abandoning this blog and will still regularly update it, so check back here for more information on Bill Richardson's campaign. But please sign up for your account and join the Washington for Richardson group.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Richardson Officially Announcing Run for President

Tomorrow, at the historic Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles (my hometown), Governor Richardson will make it official and announce that he is running for President.

"I am running for President of the United States because I can bring together a country that is divided and partisan," said Governor Bill Richardson. "My background, experience and record as Governor of New Mexico, UN Ambassador, Secretary of Energy and Congressman, enable me to bridge gaps, achieve political solutions, heal partisan divisions and solve problems.

"I believe in America - the greatest nation in the world - but we must restore our leadership. We have lost our moral compass at home and abroad. I am optimistic about the future. America should not be afraid. We have to be bold, patriotic and confident that we can resolve problems and bring peace by working together. We need hope, faith, and optimism. Qualities that have always represented and defined the American spirit. We need experienced and accomplished leadership now more than ever. I believe I can best provide this leadership for our nation and help move American forward.

Richardson Climbing in Latest Iowa Poll

According to the latest Des Moines Register poll of 400 likely Democratic caucus participants, Bill Richardson comes in at 10%. While still trailing John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (in that order), Bill Richardson is gaining on the perceived front-runners.

I attribute the gains in Iowa and the recent gains in New Hampshire to a few things. One, Bill Richardson was the first Democrat on the air in those two states, with great ads highlighting his experience. Two, recent trips to Iowa and New Hampshire (in combination with the ads) have increased Richardson's name recognition among the citizens of those two states. Three, Bill Richardson is a master at the art of retail politics, his personal style suited to the kind of one on one contact that Iowa and New Hampshire require of Presidential candidates. The more people see of Bill Richardson the more they like him. Four, the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire do not like being told who to vote for or who the frontrunners are (just ask Howard Dean about Iowa and Bob Dole about New Hampshire).

This recent rise in the polls is just the beginning for Bill Richardson.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Zogby: Richardson at 10% in New Hampshire

In case you missed it, Zogby International released a poll yesterday showing Bill Richardson at 10% in New Hampshire. On April 3, Zogby had Richardson at 2%.

The poll, conducted May 15 and 16, 2007, included 500 likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters and 503 likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. The margin of error for each survey is +/- 4.5 percentage points.

Pollster John Zogby on Bill Richardson:

Of greatest significance is the move of Bill Richardson into double-digits from merely a blip on the screen. He is now a player in all this.

Not only is Bill Richardson a player in New Hampshire, but this poll shows that the people of New Hampshire don't like being told who the front-runners are. Bill Richardson may not be a "rock star" in the eyes of the media or Beltway insiders, but he's a master of retail politics which plays well in New Hampshire.

Looks for Richardson's numbers to continue to climb in New Hampshire.

Richardson Coming to Washington Next Week

Next week, Bill Richardson will be making his first trip to Washington since he announced his intention to run for President. I've been working with the campaign to coordinate the events and will post more details as things become public.

For now, go read Joel Connelly's column on Governor Richardson in today's Seattle P-I.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Updated: Bill Richardson's Energy Policy

As promised, here is the text of Governor Richardson's speech this morning to the New America Foundation, in which he rolled out his energy plan.

As former Secretary of Energy, and as Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson is uniquely positioned as the only candidate who has experience working on energy issues and negotiating with foreign nations, something that is desperately needed to reduce the effects of climate change and stop America's addiction to foreign oil.

Here is the plan.

My Plan:

  • Cut oil demand: 50% by 2020
    We must reduce oil imports from around 65% to 10%. We can reach these goals in part by getting the 100 mile per gallon (mpg) car into the marketplace, push fuel economy standards to 50 mpg by 2020, and set a life-cycle low-carbon fuel standard that reduces the carbon impact of our liquid fuels by 30% by 2020, including increasing use of alternative fuels.
  • Change to Renewable Sources for Electricity: 50% by 2040
    I am calling for a national renewable electricity source portfolio standard of 30% by 2020 – which will rise to 50% by 2040. This is aggressive, but necessary as we start using more electricity for automobiles. I will push for an energy productivity law requiring a 20% improvement in energy productivity by 2020. We could easily save customers $21 billion a year by 2020. Also, my market-based cap and trade program for greenhouse gas emissions will create incentives for the electric and industrial sectors to make significant reductions in their carbon emissions.
  • Dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions: 80% by 2040
    20% by 2020, and 80% by 2040 -- ten years faster than scientists say is necessary because we must lead the world, and we can’t afford the possibility of backsliding and inaction. We will start with a market-based cap and trade system. Economists say the world can protect itself from drastic climate change at a cost of 1-3% of our economic activity. We can afford to protect the climate. Given the risks of catastrophic climate change, we can’t afford not to do it.
  • Lead by example and restore America as the world’s leader
    We must return to the international negotiating table and support mandatory world-wide limits on global warming pollution. We will work closely with fast-growing nations and, as President, I will cooperate with the European Union, the World Bank, and other allies to help finance the small incremental cost of “doing it right.” I will create a North American Energy Council with Mexico and Canada, which supply about 20% of our oil, and make sure our relations with these neighbors are firm and friendly. As we reduce our demand for foreign oil, we should work with the Gulf nations, and our partners at the UN, to create a multilateral system for protecting the Gulf so that within ten years the U.S. presence in the Gulf could be sharply and safely reduced.
  • Get it all done without breaking the bank
    We will raise some revenue from the sales of carbon permits, for example. Further, I will get out the “green scissors” to cut back on wrongly-placed tax subsidies. Over time, this program will yield huge productivity increases in our economy, as well as significant budget savings and revenues. We will create more than ten times as much value in the American economy, by reducing our oil imports, as we spend to make this program happen.
Bill Richardson has the experience and the results to prove that he will change the direction of United States energy policies.

Energy Policy Rollout

This morning, in a speech to New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., Governor Richardson rolled out his energy policy.

We'll bring you quotes from the speech as soon as we get them, but here are some highlights:

  1. Fuel Efficiency Standards - A 100 mile per gallon car to 50% market penetration by 2020. (likely a plug-in hybrid)
  2. Fuel Emission Standards - A low-carbon fuel standard that brings large amounts of alternative fuels to the market without causing damage to the environment. Richardson wants a 30% reduction from today's carbon impacts from liquid fuels by 2020.
  3. Renewable Energy - Create a whole new generation of renewable electricity sources to have 30% renewable energy by 2020. Create systems to store and release wind and solar power instead of using them only when nature turns them on.
  4. Carbon Cap and Trade System - Implement a cap and trade system that reduces global warming pollution by at least 20% by 2020 and 80% by 2040. Richardson's system would be based on auctions of the rights to emit global warming pollution.

Richardson also would convene a two-day summit, within 30 days of taking office, with automakers, labor, energy producers and utilities to plan for these changes. Legislation would go to Congress by May 1, 2009 in order for changes to go into effect by January 1, 2010.

If there is one Presidential candidate who has the gravitas to take on our significant policy challenges with regard to climate change and energy policy, it's the former Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson.

On the Radio

As I was driving into work this morning, my fellow USC alumnus, Stephanie Miller was playing Governor Richardson's new ads on her radio show and telling her audience how funny and good they are.

Then Stephanie announced that Bill Richardson will be on the show tomorrow. So tune in tomorrow to hear the Governor on the Stephanie Miller Show, in what promises to be a hearty exchange of witty banter. Go here to find a station near you that airs the show. If you're in the greater Puget Sound area AM 1090 (Air America) is your station.
The Stephanie Miller Show airs live in morning drive for west coast stations, 6AM to 9AM, PT, Monday through Friday. The show is heard, 9:00AM to 12:00noon ET. and 8AM to 11 AM, CT.
UPDATE: After looking around Stephanie Miller's website further, I see that Governor Richardson will be on the show around 7:05 a.m. Pacific time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bill Richardson @ Google - May 14, 2007

Here is the video from Governor Richardson's appearance at Google headquarters on May 14. The appearance is preceded by his new ads.

Breaking: Richardson to Officially Announce Candidacy on Monday

This just in: Governor Bill Richardson will officially announce his intention to run for President on Monday in Los Angeles.

From the AP (via Yahoo):

Richardson, who was born in California and lived there briefly, will make his announcement at the Los Angeles Press Club. Aides to the governor said the backdrop will be several Hispanic leaders, underscoring Richardson's Hispanic heritage and the importance of California's Feb. 5 primary.

This is no longer an exploratory effort (not that it ever was). It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

DNC Releases Debate Schedule

Today the Democratic National Committee released its schedule of sanctioned presidential debates.


July 23, 2007: YouTube/Google and CNN* in Charleston, SC

August 19, 2007: ABC in Des Moines, IA

September 26, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC** in Hanover, NH

October 30, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC** in Philadelphia, PA

November 15, 2007: CNN* in Las Vegas, NV

December 10, 2007: CBS in Los Angeles, CA

*Debate will be simulcast on CNN en Espanol.
**Telemundo will re-broadcast both debates.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

YouTube Interviews Bill Richardson

Here is Governor Richardson's interview yesterday with YouTube's Ben Smith.

Do Your Own Richardson Ad

Nevada Up North has issued a challenge to the Richardson netroots: create your own 30-60 second ad.
Here are the rules:
  • The ad should include the campaign website (
  • The ad should have a Nevada focus
  • The ad should be positive (no attacking other Democratic candidates)
  • The ad should either be 30 or 60 seconds long
  • The ad is due July 1, 2007
Email the video file to and we'll turn it into a YouTube video and post it. We will post the ads on July 2 and ask readers to vote for their favorites.
The winner will be posted on Nevada Up North, e-mailed throughout the Richardson netroots and the campaign will be encouraged to run the ad in Nevada.

If you have a flair for the creative and artistic, let's see what you've got.

What Are They Reading?

The Associated Press recently asked all candidates about the most recent work of fiction they have read. Most of the answers were typical, but Bill Richardson stole the show.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: ''The administration's energy plan.''

I suspect that the intelligence report on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a close second for Governor Richardson.

MyDD May Straw Poll

MyDD has its May straw poll up. Go vote for Bill Richardson.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Governor Richardson on Tonight Show

In case you missed Governor Richardson's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, this past Friday, here is the video.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bill Richardson's New Ads

Here are 2 new ads Bill Richardson is running. The first, "Job Interview", is running only in Iowa, and the second, "Tell Me", is only available online. Watch the video and pass it on to your friends.

Governor Richardson on The Tonight Show

Tune in this Friday, May 11 to see Governor Richardson chat with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Message From Bill Richardson

Editor's note: Click on the graphic in the right sidebar to sign Bill Richardson's petition to bring the Bush Administration's disgraceful schoolyard bully approach to foreign policy in Iraq to an end.

Congress has the power to end this war. They authorized the invasion of Iraq under the War Powers Act and they can now de-authorize it and bring the troops home.

De-authorization can't be vetoed. The President won't listen to the American people, and he won't listen to Congress -- together we can show him that being stubborn isn't a foreign policy.

For several months, I have been calling for de-authorizing this war and leaving no residual troops because I believe that this is is the best approach to ending the violence.

But many Americans don't even know that de-authorization is an option. They know the proposals coming out of Washington don't go far enough, but they don't know a better way forward.

That's where you come in. I need your help to send the message to Congress that they need to execute their authority to end this war immediately. It is increasingly obvious to me that only an overwhelming public outcry will force our leaders to act. So let's create that outcry.

Click here to sign the petition calling on Congress to use its power to de-authorize the war and bring the troops home now. We need their help to end the violence in Iraq.

Our presence in Iraq worsens the violence and enables our enemies to portray us as imperialist occupiers. If we announce that we are getting out completely, we undercut this propaganda. We need to get all our troops out of the crossfire of this civil war.

Anything less than immediate de-authorization and the withdrawal of all American troops is not a real plan to end this war. We can't leave behind airbases. We can't leave behind embedded troops to train the Iraqi army. We can't leave behind any residual force whatsoever in a country where American troops aren't wanted and have targets on their backs.

Click here to sign the petition calling on Congress to use its power to de-authorize the war and bring the troops home now. We need their help to end the violence in Iraq.

I know this region well and understand how people there see the world. I served as Ambassador to the UN, President Clinton's Special Envoy, and as Secretary of Energy. I have been there. I even met with Saddam Hussein and secured the release of hostages. Diplomacy can work in this region -- I've done it before -- there is no military solution in Iraq.

Last Thursday, Senators Clinton and Byrd introduced a proposal to de-authorize the war. I'm pleased to have their support, but I encourage them to go further.

We must de-authorize the war and set a timetable to get our troops out by the end of this year.


Bill Richardson

Monday, May 07, 2007

Bill Richardson "Heads Left" Today

Hat tip to lowkell over at MyDD.

Today at 1pm Eastern, Governor Richardson will be a guest on Heading Left's Blog Talk Radio show.

Here is the call-in number if you'd like to ask Governor Richardson a question: (646) 652-4803.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Richardson Condemns Bush for Iraq Veto

Today, Governor Richardson strongly condemned President Bush's veto of legislation that set a timeline for the withdrawal of America troops from Iraq.

"The President is defying the will of the American people so it is time for Congress to take action that cannot be vetoed," said Governor Bill Richardson. "It is clear to all but the President that no military solution remains in Iraq. Mr. President, stubbornness is not foreign policy. The death of more than 100 U.S. soldiers there last month underscores the need to withdraw our brave men and women now. To continue with more of the same is not a strategy, it is a tragedy. The only solution is strong diplomacy and real political progress led by the Iraqis. Our troops have performed bravely, with honor and sacrifice, but it is time to get them out of the crossfire of a civil war. We need to redeploy all of our forces out of Iraq leaving no residual forces. Al Qaeda and other anti-American forces benefit from our continued presence in Iraq- it enables them to portray the US as imperialist occupiers- we need to deprive them of that propaganda. The truth is our enemies want us mired and bleeding in Iraq rather than fighting the real war against the real terrorists who attacked this country on 9/11."

Read Bill Richardson's 7 Point New Realism Plan for Iraq.

Joel Connelly on Bill Richardson and Taxes

First, a disclosure. Joel Connelly is a journalist and as such his comments on Horses Ass do not necessarily signify support for Bill Richardson's candidacy, but rather a statement of Joel's opinion with some facts thrown in.

Will recently posted over at Horses Ass about the comments Governor Richardson made at the debate last week about cutting taxes. Will quoted tax statistics from the Tax Foundation, an apparent Washington D.C. right-wing think tank organization, to make his point that Bill Richardson shouldn't be proud of cutting taxes in New Mexico.

Joel Connelly was among the responders

When Bill Richardson became governor, the top state income tax rate in New Mexico was 8.9 percent — even higher than what Ron Sims proposed here in his 2004 campaign.
Richardson cut it, the state has prospered, and as a Democrat he won a smashing reelection victory in a swing state.
What’s with you, Will: Has it become off-limits in the Democratic Party to debate tax policy? Must D’s automatically stand for higher taxes?
Why not let these issues be debated, and let millions of Democratic primary voters — and several thousand party caucus-goers here — decide for themselves who is right?

What Bill Richardson said during the debate, and may not have made clear is that he's for putting government on your side. He aims to reduce as much inefficiency in government bureaucracy as possible, before asking you to invest more of your hard-earned dollars into the system. Democrats have a record of raising taxes to fund programs and services, there's no denying it. Bill Richardson wants to try to make the system work for you before raising taxes. Why raise taxes if it isn't necessary? What's wrong with the fiscally responsible concept of making sure that government is operating at peak efficiency before asking taxpayers for more money to increase the size of government?

Bill Richardson also believes in targeted investments to spur economic development and job growth, holding corporations accountable for producing the desired results in exchange for lower taxes. Check out this press release by the New Mexico Department of Economic Development to see what Richardson's policies have done for New Mexico.

Bill Richardson on Immigration Reform

Today, as hundreds of thousands of immigrants rally across our country, Bill Richardson is challenging President Bush to renew his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform, and to get realistic with regard to the issue.

Bill Richardson is governor of a border state and deals with immigration issues every day. He's the only candidate who has any experience dealing with the issue. In addition, Bill Richardson knows that it's unrealistic to kick 11-12 million immigrants out of the country and then charge them up to $10,000 as the President has suggested to go back to their home country and apply for immigration legally.

Bill Richardson is the Governor of a border state and deals with the effects of immigration, legal and illegal, virtually every day. He has proposed a detailed, realistic plan for comprehensive immigration reform that would help secure our borders, bring the estimated 11-12 million illegal immigrants out of the shadows, and help strengthen our economy:

  1. The US must first secure its borders, and do it by doubling the number of Border Patrol agents and providing the latest technology to monitor remote areas. The Governor also believes the border fence will not work, sends the wrong message, and should be torn down;
  2. There must be a practical, humane plan to give illegal immigrants a path to legalization, and eventually a path to citizenship. Immigrants must be law-abiding and pass a background check, pay any back taxes and a fine for entering the country illegally, they must learn English, and they would not jump in front of those applying to enter the country legally. Eventually, after meeting all specified requirements they would be granted legal residency and ultimately would be allowed to apply for citizenship;
  3. Employers who knowingly hire illegal workers should be hit with stiff penalties. These laws have been on the books for years but have not been enforced;
  4. The United States should significantly increase the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country, based on employer needs; and
  5. The US should engage Mexico and convince the Mexican government to do its part to stop the northward flow of illegal immigrants. Last fall, Governor Richardson spoke with Mexican President Calderon, who admitted that Mexico should have a role in solving this problem. The two countries should also work together on economic development efforts, especially in the border region, and should initiate joint border law enforcement patrols to reduce violence, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration.
This is the most humane and sensible immigration plan put forth by anyone, Democrat or Republican, and makes a strong commitment to securing our borders, ensuring that the rule of law is followed, that labor needs are taken into consideration, and most importantly that we engage the Mexican government and work for bilateral solutions on this issue.

Bill Richardson on Health Care

While in Carson City, Nevada yesterday, Governor Richardson addressed the issue of providing quality health care to all Americans.

While noting the United States has a $8.8 trillion deficit, Richardson said universal health care must be implemented -- without creating new bureaucracy. He proposed a system to allow Americans to continue receiving health care insurance through their current companies if they wish.

Others who can afford it would pay a health care tax. People without means would receive a tax credit to cover their health care insurance costs. Medicare should be made available for people 55 and over, he added. People now must be 65 to qualify for Medicare.

He added that 31 percent of the $2 billion the federal government now spends on health care goes to bureaucracy.

"It has to go into direct care," Richardson said.

As he's done in New Mexico, Governor Richardson would find and fix the inefficiencies in the bureaucracy and put government on your side. By making the health care system more efficient, the cost savings would allay concerns about raising taxes for most people, however, as Richardson notes those who have the means would pay a tax to fund health care.

Another focus of Bill Richardson's health care plan is to focus on preventative care. We all know that it's better to take action to prevent an illness than to treat it in the emergency room. By focusing more on preventative care, Bill Richardson's plan would keep additional health care costs down.

Meetups Tonight

South Sound/Olympia for Richardson will be meeting tonight at 7pm at the new Starbucks on the corner of Mud Bay Rd. and Cooper Point Rd. (315 Cooper Point Rd. NW).

In addition, for our fellow Richardson supporters in the Vancouver, WA area, here is the info on the Richardson Meetup in the Portland Metro area:
Oregon for Richardson May 1st meet up will take place at the BORDERS bookstore and coffee shop in Beaverton - Cedar Hills Blvd at Walker Road - 7:30 pm - Tuesday, May 1, 2007 Go south on Cedar Hills from Hwy 26 / Sunset Hwy or go west on Walker from Hwy 217.
For our friends in Seattle, some of whom have just recently begun e-mailing me, we will work with you to set up a Meetup next month in your area.

Hope to see you there. Bring a friend.

Richardson Campaigning In Nevada

Governor Richardson returned to Nevada this week to bolster his Western credentials and make it difficult for other candidates to win the state. And with the schedule he followed, he left no doubt that he's doing his best to work harder than all of the other candidates.

Richardson was the featured speaker Sunday at the Carson City Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Sunday and was up at 6 a.m. Monday, working out at a local health club. By 8 a.m., he was taping a segment of the Nevada Newsmakers television program.


At 8:30 a.m., he was at Comma Coffee, making a pilgrimage to the capital city's in-spot for candidates running for office. He was witty, getting laughs with some ad-lib.


He met leaders of the AFL-CIO and at 11 a.m. was at Carson High School, praising students for raising $825 to help with relief efforts in Darfur.


At noon, Richard was in a private session with the Democratic caucus at the Legislature.

At 1 p.m., Richardson was back at the Comma Coffee meeting with Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.

He caught a 2:30 plane from Reno to Las Vegas for appearances Monday night and this morning.

His three day-stop in Nevada ended an 11-day trip from Washington D.C., to South Carolina, California and Nevada.

When it comes down to it, retail politics is what Bill Richardson does best: reaching out and connecting with people.