Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bill Richardson on Health Care

While in Carson City, Nevada yesterday, Governor Richardson addressed the issue of providing quality health care to all Americans.

While noting the United States has a $8.8 trillion deficit, Richardson said universal health care must be implemented -- without creating new bureaucracy. He proposed a system to allow Americans to continue receiving health care insurance through their current companies if they wish.

Others who can afford it would pay a health care tax. People without means would receive a tax credit to cover their health care insurance costs. Medicare should be made available for people 55 and over, he added. People now must be 65 to qualify for Medicare.

He added that 31 percent of the $2 billion the federal government now spends on health care goes to bureaucracy.

"It has to go into direct care," Richardson said.

As he's done in New Mexico, Governor Richardson would find and fix the inefficiencies in the bureaucracy and put government on your side. By making the health care system more efficient, the cost savings would allay concerns about raising taxes for most people, however, as Richardson notes those who have the means would pay a tax to fund health care.

Another focus of Bill Richardson's health care plan is to focus on preventative care. We all know that it's better to take action to prevent an illness than to treat it in the emergency room. By focusing more on preventative care, Bill Richardson's plan would keep additional health care costs down.


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