Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Joel Connelly on Bill Richardson and Taxes

First, a disclosure. Joel Connelly is a journalist and as such his comments on Horses Ass do not necessarily signify support for Bill Richardson's candidacy, but rather a statement of Joel's opinion with some facts thrown in.

Will recently posted over at Horses Ass about the comments Governor Richardson made at the debate last week about cutting taxes. Will quoted tax statistics from the Tax Foundation, an apparent Washington D.C. right-wing think tank organization, to make his point that Bill Richardson shouldn't be proud of cutting taxes in New Mexico.

Joel Connelly was among the responders

When Bill Richardson became governor, the top state income tax rate in New Mexico was 8.9 percent — even higher than what Ron Sims proposed here in his 2004 campaign.
Richardson cut it, the state has prospered, and as a Democrat he won a smashing reelection victory in a swing state.
What’s with you, Will: Has it become off-limits in the Democratic Party to debate tax policy? Must D’s automatically stand for higher taxes?
Why not let these issues be debated, and let millions of Democratic primary voters — and several thousand party caucus-goers here — decide for themselves who is right?

What Bill Richardson said during the debate, and may not have made clear is that he's for putting government on your side. He aims to reduce as much inefficiency in government bureaucracy as possible, before asking you to invest more of your hard-earned dollars into the system. Democrats have a record of raising taxes to fund programs and services, there's no denying it. Bill Richardson wants to try to make the system work for you before raising taxes. Why raise taxes if it isn't necessary? What's wrong with the fiscally responsible concept of making sure that government is operating at peak efficiency before asking taxpayers for more money to increase the size of government?

Bill Richardson also believes in targeted investments to spur economic development and job growth, holding corporations accountable for producing the desired results in exchange for lower taxes. Check out this press release by the New Mexico Department of Economic Development to see what Richardson's policies have done for New Mexico.


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