Sunday, May 20, 2007

Richardson Climbing in Latest Iowa Poll

According to the latest Des Moines Register poll of 400 likely Democratic caucus participants, Bill Richardson comes in at 10%. While still trailing John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (in that order), Bill Richardson is gaining on the perceived front-runners.

I attribute the gains in Iowa and the recent gains in New Hampshire to a few things. One, Bill Richardson was the first Democrat on the air in those two states, with great ads highlighting his experience. Two, recent trips to Iowa and New Hampshire (in combination with the ads) have increased Richardson's name recognition among the citizens of those two states. Three, Bill Richardson is a master at the art of retail politics, his personal style suited to the kind of one on one contact that Iowa and New Hampshire require of Presidential candidates. The more people see of Bill Richardson the more they like him. Four, the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire do not like being told who to vote for or who the frontrunners are (just ask Howard Dean about Iowa and Bob Dole about New Hampshire).

This recent rise in the polls is just the beginning for Bill Richardson.


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