Monday, May 21, 2007

Richardson for President.Com 2.0

In case you haven't seen it this morning, go check out the new Richardson For President. All of you Washingtonians who support Bill Richardson, please go here and sign up for an account and join the Washington for Richardson group. In the past, we have been using Zanby as our online organizing tool, but now will be switching over to using the tools at Richardson for President to organize ourselves. Make sure you sign up for an account so you don't miss any important announcements from me regarding our Meetups, and other important information about the campaign.

With a new blog, new tools to get involved, and even a portal for our Spanish speaking friends, there is something for everyone at Richardson for President.

I will not be abandoning this blog and will still regularly update it, so check back here for more information on Bill Richardson's campaign. But please sign up for your account and join the Washington for Richardson group.


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