Sunday, May 20, 2007

Richardson Officially Announcing Run for President

Tomorrow, at the historic Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles (my hometown), Governor Richardson will make it official and announce that he is running for President.

"I am running for President of the United States because I can bring together a country that is divided and partisan," said Governor Bill Richardson. "My background, experience and record as Governor of New Mexico, UN Ambassador, Secretary of Energy and Congressman, enable me to bridge gaps, achieve political solutions, heal partisan divisions and solve problems.

"I believe in America - the greatest nation in the world - but we must restore our leadership. We have lost our moral compass at home and abroad. I am optimistic about the future. America should not be afraid. We have to be bold, patriotic and confident that we can resolve problems and bring peace by working together. We need hope, faith, and optimism. Qualities that have always represented and defined the American spirit. We need experienced and accomplished leadership now more than ever. I believe I can best provide this leadership for our nation and help move American forward.


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