Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Richardson Takes Campaign to The Situation Room

Yesterday, after announcing his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2008, Governor Richardson appeared on CNN's The Situation Room. The transcript of the show can be found here.

On the show, Governor Richardson discussed the new Senate immigration reform bill, his campaign and how he can move to the front of the pack, and his thoughts on President Carter's comments on President Bush.

On how he's moving in the right direction and how he can become the Democratic nominee:

BLITZER: All right, the polls show that you're still at the second tier, although you must have been encouraged somewhat by this "Des Moines Register" poll that just came in. It's got you now at 10 percent; John Edwards with 29; Barack Obama, 23; Hillary Clinton, 21.

What do you need do, Governor to get yourself at the top tier of these candidates?

RICHARDSON: Well, I also saw a poll where I'm 10 percent in New Hampshire -- probably the two most important states. So I'm moving forward.

What I need to do is, one, get known around the country that I'm the candidate that is most prepared, with the most foreign policy background, the most energy background. I'm a governor. I've run a state. I've managed a bureaucracy of over 100,000 people as secretary of energy. And that I have a positive plan to bring this country together, both domestically and internationally.

It's, also, Wolf, outworking everybody. And you know that. I'm everywhere. I am going house to house in Iowa, in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina. Now Florida wants to move up. I'll go to every house in Florida. I don't know how I can do that, because it's a big state.

This is the man who holds the Guinness handshake record, and who regularly, as Governor of New Mexico, holds public meetings where the people can line up and come chat with him about their issues.I have no doubt he'll work harder than the others.

So my challenge to all the Richardson supporters out there is this:

Are you prepared to work harder than the other campaign's supporters?

Each of us has special talents and skills we can lend to the campaign. Though we can't all give 24 hours a day to the campaign, anything we can give will help.So let's be a reflection of our leader and match his intensity and work ethic. If we all work our hardest and give everything we can, then Bill Richardson will be our next President.


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