Friday, June 29, 2007

Olympia/ South Sound for Richardson Roundup

Please join us a 7pm on Tuesday, July 3 for our monthly Richardson Roundup. We'll be at the Starbucks on the corner of Cooper Point Rd. and Mud Bay Rd. (315 Cooper Point Rd. NW). Come meet other Bill Richardson supporters in our area and get an update on the campaign. Feel free to bring a friend or two.

Turn Up The Heat

The second quarter of fundraising is coming to an end tomorrow and Governor Richardson needs your support. He's set a goal of raising $2 million this week and as of a few minutes ago was about $800,000 short of meeting that goal.

That's where you come in. If you've been waiting to see if this campaign is going to take off, now is the time to act. Governor Richardson is closing in on the front-runners in Iowa and New Hampshire, and needs your help to pass them. Right now is when your contribution can make the biggest difference.

No amount is too small to make a difference, so please give what you can. Keep the momentum going and give Bill Richardson the support he needs to make it to the White House.

Make your donation today.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Governor Richardson on HIV/AIDS

At the Democratic presidential debate at Howard University tonight, candidates were asked about their plans to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, particularly in the African-American community (since the debate focused on issues of importance to African-Americans). Bill Richardson was the only candidate who answered the question directly, and the only one to speak in favor of a needle exchange program.

Here are the facts on HIV/AIDS. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

When we look at HIV/AIDS by race and ethnicity, we see that African Americans have

  • More illness. Even though blacks (including African Americans) account for about 13% of the US population, they account for about half (49%) of the people who get HIV and AIDS.
  • Shorter survival times. Blacks with AIDS often don’t live as long as people of other races and ethnic groups with AIDS. This is due to the barriers mentioned above.
  • More deaths. For African Americans and other blacks, HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of death.


For black men, the most common ways of getting HIV are (in order)

  1. having unprotected sex with another man who has HIV
  2. sharing injection drug works (like needles or syringes) with someone who has HIV
  3. having unprotected sex with a woman who has HIV

For black women, the most common ways of getting HIV are (in order)

  1. having unprotected sex with a man who has HIV
  2. sharing injection drug works (like needles or syringes) with someone who has HIV

HIV/AIDS is a disease that ravages the African-American community and Bill Richardson is the best candidate to help fight the war against the disease. Here is what Bill Richardson has done as Governor of New Mexico:

• Created the Billy Griego HIV and AIDS Act, which was designed to ensure that consumers are the focus of the funding and services provided in all the state's HIV and AIDS cases.

• Created the state's first HIV and AIDS Policy Commission charged with reviewing and making recommendations on state HIV and AIDS policies. The commission also studies and makes recommendations on all factors affecting the availability, quality and accessibility of health services for persons with HIV and AIDS.

Bill Richardson believes we can successfully fight the AIDS epidemic. As President, Bill Richardson's plan includes having his Vice-President serve as chair of the HIV/AIDS Commission.

Bill Richardson knows that we need to do everything possible to stop the spread of HIV not only here in America but also around the world, especially in Africa. I'm pretty sure he called it a moral imperative during the debate tonight.

Bill Richardson's plan for HIV/AIDS includes:

o Educating people in Africa and elsewhere on how to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS.
o Making condoms and clean needles available to those who might otherwise contract the disease.
o Ensuring that everybody in the world who is HIV positive has all the medication they need. Bill Richardson believes public-private partnerships should be formed to reduce costs and enhance access to AIDS medicine and treatment.

Richardson Statement on Immigration Reform Bill Failure

Governor Richardson has issued the following statement on the U.S. Senate's failure to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform:

"I am deeply disappointed. You can't solve a problem by ignoring it. We have got to find a way to bridge the divide and bring people together to address the critical problems facing our nation -- immigration, energy, healthcare, education.

"This is the price America pays for divisive leadership. Congress should continue to work on passing immigration reform."

Bill Richardson is the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who deals with immigration issues on a daily basis. He's a Governor of a border state and he's lived in Mexico, so he understands the issue from all angles.

Go hear to read Bill Richardson's immigration plan.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Democratic Presidential Debate Tomorrow Night

Tune in to PBS tomorrow night when Tavis Smiley hosts Governor Richardson and the other Democratic candidates for President in a debate from Howard University in Washington, D.C. I'm told that it will air at 8pm locally.

Why Richardson is Gaining in Iowa

If there was any doubt why Bill Richardson is gaining in Iowa, this should make it all clear.

Republican polling firm, Strategic Vision, has just released a poll of likely Iowa caucus voters. And here's the question that shows why Governor Richardson is gaining on the other candidates in Iowa.

6. Do you favor a withdrawal of all United States military from Iraq within the next six months? (Democrats Only)
Yes 83%
No 6%
Undecided 11%

The question might have been phrased, "Do you support Bill Richardson's plan for ending the war in Iraq?" because getting our troops out within the next 6 months is exactly what Governor Richardson is calling for, and he's the only candidate pushing that position. And apparently 83% of likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa like that position.

His position on the war in Iraq is a key reason, Governor Richardson has moved up to third in Iowa.

h/t to MyDD.

Daily Kos June Straw Poll

Daily Kos has its June Straw Poll up. Go vote for Bill Richardson now.

Bill Richardson at Take Back America

In case you missed it last week, here is the video of Governor Richardson's speech at Take Back America. Listen to the rousing cheers and applause as Richardson details his plan to get our troops out of Iraq now.

Friday, June 22, 2007

News Flash: Justice Byron "Whizzer" White Is Still Dead

In the first Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, Governor Richardson, reacting to a rapid fire lightning-round type question initially named Justice Byron "Whizzer" White as his ideal Supreme Court Justice. A few seconds later he mentioned Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Never mind the fact that Presidents get more than 5 seconds (and it's not all nationally televised) to make their decisions without being cutoff by a moderator.

Howls went up in the blogosphere that Governor Richardson is anti-choice (despite the fact that he consistently gets high ratings from groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood).

Memo to the Kossacks, especially those supporting Edwards and Obama (and with all due respect to the family of the deceased) Justice Byron "Whizzer" White is still dead. Stop beating the horse.

From South Carolina's News Channel 7 (via the Associated Press):

Democrat Bill Richardson said Friday that if elected president, he would
ask potential Supreme Court nominees about their view on abortion and reject
those who say Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

Presidents typically say they don't ask potential justices about their
views on specific cases, but Richardson said Friday that he would make an
exception for the landmark 1973 case, which legalized abortion.

"I know I am going to upset some people, but this is what I would ask
them," said Richardson. "I would say, 'Do you believe that Roe v. Wade is
settled law?' If they say yes, they have a good chance of being picked. If they
say no I will not pick them."

Dead. End of story.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bill Richardson at Take Back America

Here is the video from Governor Richardson's speech at Take Back America today in Washington, D.C. Governor Richardson used the speech to draw strong distinction between himself and the other Democratic candidates on the issue of Iraq. Bottom line: Bill Richardson wants Congress to deauthorize the war now and bring all troops home within 6 months, while the others appear content to wait until some date in the fall and bring some of the troops home sometime in the spring.

Watch the video.

Richardson Blasts Opponents on Iraq

Today, Governor Richardson called out his Senate colleagues who could be doing more to end the war in Iraq.

"With all due respect to my Democratic colleagues, Senators Clinton, Obama, Dodd and Biden all voted for timeline legislation that had deliberate loopholes," Richardson said in prepared remarks. "Those loopholes allow this president, or any president, to leave an undetermined number of troops in Iraq indefinitely. And this is the same legislation that former Senator Edwards says we should send back to President Bush over and over again until he signs it."

Every day, American soldiers continue to be targets of sectarian violence in Iraq, and the Senators continue to talk timelines that aren't bringing troops home now. And one former Senator wants to play a game with the President that is reminiscent of the old Bugs Bunny-Yosemite Sam argument, where one says "Oh no I'm not" and the other says "Oh yes you are", until both get more angry than ever at the other, but nothing changes.

Their way hasn't worked and it's time for something new.

Stand with Bill Richardson and demand that Congress deauthorize the war now and start bringing our troops home.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Congratulations to (the other) Washington for Richardson

As some of you may recall, I made a bet with my friend Mike Kruger at D.C. for Richardson. Mike and I made a friendly wager just over 10 days ago. I bet Mike that by June 15, Washington state for Richardson would be a larger group than D.C. for Richardson. Mike, wanting to show that D.C. deserved statehood as much as Washington, issued the challenge, and we bet $51.43, with the loser paying the Richardson campaign. 51 is representative of D.C. becoming the 51st state, and 43 signifies Washington being the 43rd state.

The bill has now come due. Congratulations to D.C. for Richardson, which as of tonight stands at 83 members to Washington state for Richardson at 67 members. I'll be contributing $51.43 to the Richardson campaign, through the D.C. for Richardson group, so they get credit for the fundraising.

Score round one to D.C., but e're not done yet with the "other Washington".

Deauthorize the War. Now.

Here's the video of Governor Richardson from CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on why Congress should deauthorize the war in Iraq and leave no residual troops.

If you haven't yet signed the petition, click on the green button over on the right sidebar and join Bill Richardson in calling for Congress to deauthorize the war now.

No waiting until September or some date in the future that is politically convenient for some would-be Presidential candidates. No grandstanding and no games. Deauthorize the war now and bring our troops home. The American people demand it.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rationale for Deauthorization

Last Friday over at MyDD, Joaquin Guerra, Internet Outreach Director at Richardson for President provided the campaign's prespective on why deauthorization of the Iraq war will work.

There are many points of constitutional law that are unsettled or debatable, including in the area of war powers, but one thing is certainly clear: The Constitution vests the sole power to declare war in the Congress. Period.

This means - and the Supreme Court has held - that this sole power to declare war also vests Congress with the sole power to circumscribe the war that can be fought. And, while a minority of scholars may dispute it, most agree that this also means that Congress has the sole power to declare a war over.

None of this depends upon the War Powers Act, or even the Iraq war resolution enacted pursuant to it. Congress's power to declare - and to "un-declare" - war derives entirely from Article I of the Constitution, and is plenary. Congress can declare the US at war, can delimit the extent of the war and the means to be utilized in its pursuit, and can declare it over, all through solely congressional action - presidential veto is not involved at all. The President cannot "veto" a war resolution by Congress, he cannot veto the conditions Congress places on the war's conduct, and he cannot veto a congressional declaration ending the war.

The enactment process for legislation spelled out in the Constitution, involving presidential veto, is not implicated in such instances at all: This does not involve enacting legislation, but declaring and un declaring war, which is a separate area of congressional power entrusted solely to Congress by a separate constitutional clause.

The War Powers Act was enacted in the wake of the Vietnam War as a way to codify a more detailed understanding of the war powers spelled out in the Constitution. As is the case in many areas of government, we do not have a complete "separation of powers," but an intermixing.

In the area of war, while Congress has the sole power to declare hostilities on or off, the branches jointly share authority for treaty-making - either to end hostilities or to avert them before they even start - and the Constitution makes the President commander-in-chief of the armed forces. This latter fact has led some to argue that presidents have an independent war-making authority of their own. And, clearly, a president can order American arms into action as needed, without prior consultation with Congress, to repel an attack on the United States, its citizens, or its vital interests.

Where the line falls between actions a president must take to defend the country or its troops without congressional sanction, and Congress's clear constitutional authority to commit the nation to war or not, has been a subject of intense, on-going, and unsettled debate.

The War Powers Act attempts to fill that void, by laying out a process whereby the president can act to defend the country where there is no time for congressional consultation or action, but otherwise requiring the president to gain congressional assent to military action before-the-fact where possible or within a reasonable time after-the-fact, where necessary. But nothing in the Act - whether or not it is constitutional - can disturb the underlying constitutional commitment to Congress of the sole authority to take the nation into or out of a war.

In the case of Iraq, the President sought and obtained a congressional authorization under the War Powers Act. That unilateral authorization by Congress can be just as unilaterally recalled by the Congress and the war de-authorized. In addition, Congress defined the terms of the president's authorization to make war in the Iraq war resolution and, if the president has exceeded his authority in the conduct of that war, then he cannot legally maintain his actions - no further congressional action is needed to make that so. A de-authorization vote, then, would essentially constitute a statement that, in Congress's view, the existing war in Iraq was not authorized under the original 2002 resolution, based upon the President's claim that Saddam was a threat and that he possessed WMD. That war, and its lawful authorization, already ended with the removal of Saddam and the ascertainment that Iraq had no WMD. In short, the current war is a war without legal warrant and if Congress so declares the President cannot legally continue to conduct it. This, again, does not constitute legislation subject to presidential veto but flows directly from Congress's powers under both the War Powers Act and the Constitution. Finally, regardless of the WPA and the 2002 Iraq war resolution, Congress can, under its sole constitutional authority over war, declare the Iraq war to be over. As stated above, the President has no power to veto such a declaration, and no law other than the Constitution itself is required to be enacted to give the declaration effect - so, the presidential veto power over legislation simply is not implicated at all here.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that de-authorization of the Iraq war would almost certainly produce a legal and constitutional stand-off between the President and the Congress, which ultimately would have to be decided by the courts. I have no doubt that the courts would uphold the Framer's original intent in vesting Congress with the sole authority to declare and limit the nation's war-making. But regardless of the legal arguments the Bush Administration may try to mount in response, a de-authorization vote undoubtedly would greatly increase the pressure on President Bush to end the war, and that alone is a step forward.

The point here, is that we have to try everything to end the war. Bill Richardson has more foreign policy and diplomatic experience than any of the other candidates, and he alone is calling for deauthorization of the war before Congress recesses for the summer.

Join Bill Richardson and call on Congress to deauthorize the war and bring our troops home.

Richardson Picks Up Key Congressional Endorsements

Governor Richardson announced today that he's received the endorsement of four Congressmen.

Today, Governor Bill Richardson announced the endorsements of Congressman Mike Doyle (Pennsylvania), Congressman Solomon Ortiz (Texas), Congressman Gene Green (Texas), and Congressman Silvestre Reyes (Texas).

"I am privileged to have the support of such honorable men," said Governor Bill Richardson. "These are outstanding Congressmen who have provided leadership in Congress, and dedicated their careers to serving their constituents and improving our country."

Governor Richardson previously earned the support of Senator Jeff Bingaman (NM), Congressman Ed Pastor (AZ), and Congressman Tom Udall (NM).

Bill Richardson Authors New Book on Environmental/Energy Issues

If This Be Treason has just posted the details of a new book authored by Governor Bill Richardson which is to be released in November 2007. The book, entitled Leading By Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution will detail Governor Richardson's plan to end American dependence on foreign oil and to adopt sensible energy policies.

Richardson decided to write the book when he realized that the various solutions on the table from politicians, diplomats, pundits, or industry leaders were not bold enough or comprehensive enough to truly help American reach its goals in time. In LEADING BY EXAMPLE, Richardson argues that we have known about our country’s energy problems for 35 years, but since 1985 our consumption has climbed, fuel efficiency has stagnated, and our crippling dependence on foreign oil is as big as it has ever been. So Richardson is issuing a call to action, for Congress, the energy industry, and the public. He is calling for a new American revolution - an energy and climate revolution.

Pre-order your copy today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MyDD June Straw Poll

MyDD's June Straw poll is now up. Go vote for Bill Richardson. A note of caution though: do not just vote for Bill Richardson or your vote won't count. According to the guys at MyDD, votes for 3 or less candidates are counted as "stuffed" votes and are deleted from the poll. So make sure your vote counts, vote for Bill Richardson first and at least 2 other candidates (unsure is an acceptable alternative to a candidate).

Update: The polls have now closed and the results have been posted.

While John Edwards experience a significant (double digit) drop which is consistent with his downward movement in recent national polls, Governor Richardson came in third at 12.6%, increasing his support by about 2% from last month.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Walk A Day In Mark Fitzgerald's Shoes

That's exactly what Governor Richardson did last Friday. As part of SEIU's "Walk A Day In My Shoes" program, presidential candidates are invited to spend a day working alongside SEIU members.

Here's the video of Governor Richardson walking a day in Mark Fitzgerald's shoes. Mark is a member of SEIU Local 1107 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Part 3 of the "Job Interview" Ads

Bill Richardson is back with a new ad, part 3 in the series of "job interview" ads. In this one, the interviewer learns how Governor Richardson made New Mexico the Clean Energy state.

CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Poll: Richardson In Dead Heat with Edwards

CNN and WMUR released a new poll in New Hampshire today, showing that Governor Richardson is in a dead heat with John Edwards, who has been losing support since polls started showing Richardson at 10% last month.

The poll was a survey of 309 New Hampshire voters who say they plan to vote in the Democratic primary. The margin of error is plus or minus 6 percentage points.

Here are the top 5, according to the poll:

Clinton 36%
Obama 22%
Edwards 12%
Gore 12%
Richardson 10%

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bill Richardson to Appear on Heading Left's Blog Talk Radio

This Monday, Governor Richardson will be a guest on Heading Left's Blog Talk Radio.

This Monday (June 11) at 2 PM Eastern, Nate Wilcox and James Boyce will be talking to New Mexico Governor and 2008 presidential candidate Bill Richardson on Heading Left’s Blog Talk Radio show.

As always, you can call in to the show live at (646) 652-4803.

So tune in on Monday at 2PM Eastern for Heading Left on Blog Talk Radio.

So call in to the show and give Bill Richardson your support.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

El Gobernador Bill Richardson Participará en el Historico Primer Debate de Candidatos Presidenciales en Español de Univision

Por los que hablan español:

El Gobernador Bill Richardson es el primero en aceptar la invitación

SANTA FE, NM- El Gobernador de Nuevo Mexico Bill Richardson hoy formalmente aceptó una invitación para estar presente en el primer debate Presidencial Democrata de la historia conducido enteramente en Español. El Gobernador Richarson fue el primer canidato en acordar particpar en el debate, el cual será realizado en Miami, Florida el Domingo 9 de Septiembre, y está siendo auspiciado por Comunicaciones Univisión y la Universidad de Miami.

“Esta es una oportunidad extraordinara para comunicarse con la comunidad Latina la cual jugará un rol crucial al escoger al próximo Presidente,” afirmó el Gobernador Richardson. “Los Latinos son el segmento de mayor crecimiento de nuestra población y esta es una oportunidad única para que todos los candidates escuchen y hablen sobre las preocupaciones y prioridades de este importante segmento electoral.”

Nacido en Pasadena, California, El Gobernador Richarson pasó su infancia en la Ciudad de Mexico y es bilingüe.

“Yo reto a mis compañeros candidatos Demócratas a participar en este debate y de no encontrar razones para evitarlo-la diversidad es un tema fundamental Demócrata,” agregó el Gobernador. “Debemos de estar comprometidos para alcanzar una amplia gama de estadounidenses posible y la comunidad Latina es crucial para ganar la nominación y la Presidencia en el 2008.”

De-Authorize the War Now

According to, as of today 3504 American soldiers have lost their lives in the war in Iraq.

A look at where the Democrats running for President stand on ending the Iraq war shows that only Bill Richardson has a plan to end the war now and get all American troops out of Iraq.

Hillary Clinton wants to wait until October to end the war and leave residual troops.

John Edwards wants the troops out in 12 to 18 months but would leave some residual troops in Iraq to guard the American embassy, making them a continued target of sectarian violence.

Barack Obama wants a phased re-deployment to have combat troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2008, but would leave residual troops to engage in counterterrorism and to train Iraqi forces (again, a target for sectarian violence).

In other words, the media-anointed frontrunners all want to wait to get troops out of Iraq and then leave troops in Iraq.

So what does Bill Richardson's plan do?

Specifically, Governor Richardson is calling on Congress to deauthorize the war in Iraq before it recesses on June 30. That's 23 days from now. If Congress passes a resolution to deauthorize the war, President Bush loses all authority to continue his warmongering. Deauthorization can't be vetoed, and the President would legally be required to bring our troops home.

Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war. The War Powers Act clearly states that a President may not continue a war without Congressional authorization. It's time for Congress to use its legal authority to place checks and balances on the President. The American people demand it.

In addition to deauthorization, Governor Richardson is the only viable candidate who will pull all of the troops out of Iraq this year, leaving no residual troops. Bill Richardson wants our troops out of Iraq now, not sometime in the fall or whenever is convenient for the Bush Administration or the other Democratic candidates.

Bill Richardson's plan is the most comprehensive of all of the Democratic candidates. So join Bill Richardson and let's end this war today.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Richardson to Participate in Historic Spanish Language Debate

Yesterday, Markos posted that Univision has scheduled two historic Spanish language debates in September, one for Democratic presidential candidates and one for the Republicans, in Miami on September 9. This is the first time an all Spanish debate will be held for presidential candidates.

Today, Governor Richardson accepted Univision's invitation to participate in the debate.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach the Latino community which will play a pivotal role in choosing the next President," said Governor Richardson. "Latinos are the fastest growing segment of our population and this is a unique chance for all of the candidates to hear and address the concerns and priorities of this important constituency."


"I challenge my fellow Democratic candidates to participate in this debate and not to find reasons to avoid it- diversity is a fundamental Democratic issue," added the Governor. "We should be committed to reaching the broadest range of Americans possible, and the Latino community is critical to winning the nomination and the Presidency in 2008."

This debate should be home court advantage for Governor Richardson, as the only other candidate fluent in Spanish is Senator Chris Dodd. I'm sure interpreters will be used for the other candidates, but Governor Richardson will be able to answer the questions seamlessly and effortlessly, and get his message out to Latinos across the country.

Can we have a debate in French too, so Governor Richardson can demonstrate his proficiency with that language?

Bill Richardson Wins the Debate

According to WMUR's post-debate poll (they co-sponsored Sunday's Democratic debate with CNN), Bill Richardson is viewed as the winner of the debate.

Who do you think won the Democratic debate at St. Anselm College?
Choice Votes Percentage of 1495 Votes
Joe Biden 88 6%
Hillary Clinton 442 30%
Chris Dodd 69 5%
John Edwards 150 10%
Mike Gravel 62 4%
Dennis Kucinich 58 4%
Barack Obama 153 10%
Bill Richardson 473 32%

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Richardson Receives Post-Debate Polling Surge

Fresh off of a good showing in Sunday's Democratic debate, Governor Richardson is now getting a surge in the latest WBZ/Franklin Pierce College poll.

The poll was conducted yesterday among 424 likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, with a margin of error of 4.8%.

A new poll of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire shows Hillary Clinton surging far ahead of the field, and Bill Richardson also picking up support.


Al Gore -- who is not even in the race -- and Richardson both had 8 percent. That was a gain of 5 percentage points for the New Mexico governor, while Gore's support declined by two points.

Those New Hampshire voters who responded favorably to Governor Richardson in the poll, see the same kind of thing that this guy did: an experienced leader with proven results.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Governor Richardson on Faith

Today, CNN hosted a special hour long town hall style meeting where the Big 3 (John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) got to answer questions about their faith before a live audience. Don't ask me why the other candidates weren't a part of the televised event (it may have been scheduling conflicts, or it may have been a made-for-TV event designed to highlighted the alleged frontrunners).

However, later on several of the other Democratic candidates, including Governor Richardson appeared on Paula Zahn Now to discuss their faith.

Here's some of what Governor Richardson had to say:

From my grandmother and my Catholic faith, I believe I have gotten my sense of social justice, which basically is protecting those that are poor, that have been left behind. And I'm inspired policy- wise whenever I am pressed to push legislation like increasing the minimum wage, doing something about child poverty, insuring kids under 5.

I think that's part of my values. That's part of my faith. I also believe, Paula, protecting this planet and -- and finding ways to -- to make sure that we don't end up in -- in a sea of greenhouse gas emissions that are going to destroy God's creation is also part of a value that I have.

This is the part of Christianity you never hear from the right-wing evangelist types. These wingers tend to forget the part about standing up for those who have no voice: the poor and the children. You won't find them talking about being good stewards of God's green earth. Instead many of them focus on perverting religion to suit their political views.

A Friendly Wager - Washington vs. The Other Washington

My friend Mike Kruger of D.C. for Richardson and I have a friendly wager going. By June 15, we're working to add as many Bill Richardson supporters to our groups at the Richardson for President website as we can. The group that is largest on June 15 wins. If we win and I know we will, D.C. for Richardson will donate $51.43 to the Bill Richardson for President campaign (51 signifying statehood for D.C. and 43 for Washington). If the other Washington wins, we donate $51.43 to the campaign.

So I need your help. If you read this blog and you don't have a profile at Richardson for President go create one and join our Washington State for Richardson group. Go out and invite all of your friends in Washington to sign up , fill out a profile and join our group. By doing this we grow our group, add supporters for Bill Richardson and have a little fun at the expense of the other Washington.

Anderson Cooper Interviews Governor Richardson After The Debate

Here is the video:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Obama Loses A Supporter to Bill Richardson

After his performance in the debate in New Hampshire this evening, Governor Richardson picked up at least one vote (and I suspect more than one), from a guy who used to support Barack Obama.

Check out the video:

One voter at a time, Bill Richardson is catching up to the rock stars. And it won't be long until he catches and surpasses them.

Letter to the Editor

I just submitted this letter to the editor to The Olympian, my hometown newspaper. I encourage all of you to write your local newspapers and let them know why you support Bill Richardson for President.

Dear Editor,

At a time when our nation cannot afford inexperienced leadership, I'm supporting Bill Richardson for President.

No candidate has the wealth of foreign policy experience that Bill Richardson possesses. As former U.N. Ambassador and as a Congressman, Bill Richardson has successfully negotiated with Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and other rogue nations. Unlike the other candidates, Bill Richardson would have all American troops out of Iraq by the end of this year.

As former Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson has a visionary "Apollo plan" to make our nation energy independent, and the experience to carry it out. He’s already made New Mexico the Clean Energy state.

As Governor, Bill Richardson has also balanced budgets, increased economic development and created job opportunities, while lowering the tax burden on businesses. He has improved New Mexico’s schools, raised teacher pay and increased the minimum wage. In addition, he gave working families a tax cut, returning $52 million to low and middle income families.

While other candidates may plan to do these things, Bill Richardson has already been leading and improving the lives of working families.

As President, Bill Richardson will do this and much more.

Ken Camp
Tumwater, WA

Debate Open Thread

I was participating in a live chat at Richardson for President, during the debate and wasn't able to live blog my impressions.

So here are some brief thoughts: Overall I think Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson did the best. Governor Richardson was able to show how he has been a leader on some of the major policy issues, and demonstrated his foreign policy and diplomatic credentials. He also set himself apart in his Iraq policy, because he is calling for the war to be de-authorized now and for all American troops to be out of Iraq this calendar year.

The losers of the debate was clearly Mike Gravel, and not because of his positions on issues, but because he was mostly ignored by CNN's Wolf Blitzer. During the first hour, Wolf pretty much ignored anyone not named Edwards, Obama or Clinton. And though the placement on stage of the candidates was a random draw, did anyone else find it convenient that the alleged front-runners were all placed next to each other at the center of the stage for a perfect made-for-TV moment?

So now that the debate is over, what did you think?

Democratic Presidential Debate Today

Tune in at 4pm as the Democratic presidential candidates participate in another debate, sponsored by CNN, WMUR, New Hampshire Union Leader. The debate will be televised live at 4pm on CNN.

Or you can find a Richardson debate watch party near you, or sign up and participate in the live chat at Richardson for President.