Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bill Richardson at Take Back America

Here is the video from Governor Richardson's speech at Take Back America today in Washington, D.C. Governor Richardson used the speech to draw strong distinction between himself and the other Democratic candidates on the issue of Iraq. Bottom line: Bill Richardson wants Congress to deauthorize the war now and bring all troops home within 6 months, while the others appear content to wait until some date in the fall and bring some of the troops home sometime in the spring.

Watch the video.


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Bill Richardson makes so much sense on how to end our involvement in Iraq. De-authorize the war, no troops left behind ! But he must keep pounding away at his message...he is different than Hillary, Obama and the others. They want to leave troops, they won't make the hard call. Richardson is a real leader, he has layed out his vision. Most people in our Party agree with him! Push our way into the top tier...pound on the Iraq War issue everday! Nixon had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War in 1968...we stayed 5 more years, lost thousands more in life and treasure! Hillary and Obama and the others won't make the tough decision...they are not clear...they are being political! Call them on it ! Go Bill !


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