Thursday, June 07, 2007

De-Authorize the War Now

According to, as of today 3504 American soldiers have lost their lives in the war in Iraq.

A look at where the Democrats running for President stand on ending the Iraq war shows that only Bill Richardson has a plan to end the war now and get all American troops out of Iraq.

Hillary Clinton wants to wait until October to end the war and leave residual troops.

John Edwards wants the troops out in 12 to 18 months but would leave some residual troops in Iraq to guard the American embassy, making them a continued target of sectarian violence.

Barack Obama wants a phased re-deployment to have combat troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2008, but would leave residual troops to engage in counterterrorism and to train Iraqi forces (again, a target for sectarian violence).

In other words, the media-anointed frontrunners all want to wait to get troops out of Iraq and then leave troops in Iraq.

So what does Bill Richardson's plan do?

Specifically, Governor Richardson is calling on Congress to deauthorize the war in Iraq before it recesses on June 30. That's 23 days from now. If Congress passes a resolution to deauthorize the war, President Bush loses all authority to continue his warmongering. Deauthorization can't be vetoed, and the President would legally be required to bring our troops home.

Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war. The War Powers Act clearly states that a President may not continue a war without Congressional authorization. It's time for Congress to use its legal authority to place checks and balances on the President. The American people demand it.

In addition to deauthorization, Governor Richardson is the only viable candidate who will pull all of the troops out of Iraq this year, leaving no residual troops. Bill Richardson wants our troops out of Iraq now, not sometime in the fall or whenever is convenient for the Bush Administration or the other Democratic candidates.

Bill Richardson's plan is the most comprehensive of all of the Democratic candidates. So join Bill Richardson and let's end this war today.


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