Sunday, June 03, 2007

Debate Open Thread

I was participating in a live chat at Richardson for President, during the debate and wasn't able to live blog my impressions.

So here are some brief thoughts: Overall I think Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson did the best. Governor Richardson was able to show how he has been a leader on some of the major policy issues, and demonstrated his foreign policy and diplomatic credentials. He also set himself apart in his Iraq policy, because he is calling for the war to be de-authorized now and for all American troops to be out of Iraq this calendar year.

The losers of the debate was clearly Mike Gravel, and not because of his positions on issues, but because he was mostly ignored by CNN's Wolf Blitzer. During the first hour, Wolf pretty much ignored anyone not named Edwards, Obama or Clinton. And though the placement on stage of the candidates was a random draw, did anyone else find it convenient that the alleged front-runners were all placed next to each other at the center of the stage for a perfect made-for-TV moment?

So now that the debate is over, what did you think?


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