Monday, June 04, 2007

Governor Richardson on Faith

Today, CNN hosted a special hour long town hall style meeting where the Big 3 (John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) got to answer questions about their faith before a live audience. Don't ask me why the other candidates weren't a part of the televised event (it may have been scheduling conflicts, or it may have been a made-for-TV event designed to highlighted the alleged frontrunners).

However, later on several of the other Democratic candidates, including Governor Richardson appeared on Paula Zahn Now to discuss their faith.

Here's some of what Governor Richardson had to say:

From my grandmother and my Catholic faith, I believe I have gotten my sense of social justice, which basically is protecting those that are poor, that have been left behind. And I'm inspired policy- wise whenever I am pressed to push legislation like increasing the minimum wage, doing something about child poverty, insuring kids under 5.

I think that's part of my values. That's part of my faith. I also believe, Paula, protecting this planet and -- and finding ways to -- to make sure that we don't end up in -- in a sea of greenhouse gas emissions that are going to destroy God's creation is also part of a value that I have.

This is the part of Christianity you never hear from the right-wing evangelist types. These wingers tend to forget the part about standing up for those who have no voice: the poor and the children. You won't find them talking about being good stewards of God's green earth. Instead many of them focus on perverting religion to suit their political views.


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