Sunday, June 03, 2007

Letter to the Editor

I just submitted this letter to the editor to The Olympian, my hometown newspaper. I encourage all of you to write your local newspapers and let them know why you support Bill Richardson for President.

Dear Editor,

At a time when our nation cannot afford inexperienced leadership, I'm supporting Bill Richardson for President.

No candidate has the wealth of foreign policy experience that Bill Richardson possesses. As former U.N. Ambassador and as a Congressman, Bill Richardson has successfully negotiated with Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and other rogue nations. Unlike the other candidates, Bill Richardson would have all American troops out of Iraq by the end of this year.

As former Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson has a visionary "Apollo plan" to make our nation energy independent, and the experience to carry it out. He’s already made New Mexico the Clean Energy state.

As Governor, Bill Richardson has also balanced budgets, increased economic development and created job opportunities, while lowering the tax burden on businesses. He has improved New Mexico’s schools, raised teacher pay and increased the minimum wage. In addition, he gave working families a tax cut, returning $52 million to low and middle income families.

While other candidates may plan to do these things, Bill Richardson has already been leading and improving the lives of working families.

As President, Bill Richardson will do this and much more.

Ken Camp
Tumwater, WA


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