Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MyDD June Straw Poll

MyDD's June Straw poll is now up. Go vote for Bill Richardson. A note of caution though: do not just vote for Bill Richardson or your vote won't count. According to the guys at MyDD, votes for 3 or less candidates are counted as "stuffed" votes and are deleted from the poll. So make sure your vote counts, vote for Bill Richardson first and at least 2 other candidates (unsure is an acceptable alternative to a candidate).

Update: The polls have now closed and the results have been posted.

While John Edwards experience a significant (double digit) drop which is consistent with his downward movement in recent national polls, Governor Richardson came in third at 12.6%, increasing his support by about 2% from last month.


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Mike Kruger said...

When do they declare a winner?

Oh and we are up by 9 group members now. Better figure out a fundraising event so you can write that $51.43 check to us over in DC. ;-)


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