Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Richardson to Participate in Historic Spanish Language Debate

Yesterday, Markos posted that Univision has scheduled two historic Spanish language debates in September, one for Democratic presidential candidates and one for the Republicans, in Miami on September 9. This is the first time an all Spanish debate will be held for presidential candidates.

Today, Governor Richardson accepted Univision's invitation to participate in the debate.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach the Latino community which will play a pivotal role in choosing the next President," said Governor Richardson. "Latinos are the fastest growing segment of our population and this is a unique chance for all of the candidates to hear and address the concerns and priorities of this important constituency."


"I challenge my fellow Democratic candidates to participate in this debate and not to find reasons to avoid it- diversity is a fundamental Democratic issue," added the Governor. "We should be committed to reaching the broadest range of Americans possible, and the Latino community is critical to winning the nomination and the Presidency in 2008."

This debate should be home court advantage for Governor Richardson, as the only other candidate fluent in Spanish is Senator Chris Dodd. I'm sure interpreters will be used for the other candidates, but Governor Richardson will be able to answer the questions seamlessly and effortlessly, and get his message out to Latinos across the country.

Can we have a debate in French too, so Governor Richardson can demonstrate his proficiency with that language?


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