Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New TV Ad Highlights Richardson's Energy Plan

Airing in Iowa, here is Governor Richardson's new TV ad which highlights his energy plan which has been highly acclaimed b the Sierra Club as the most aggressive, best plan of any of the candidates.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Former Members of Congress Endorse Richardson

Today, Governor Richardson announced the endorsement of several former members of Congress, including former Arizona Democratic Party Chair and Congressman Sam Coppersmith, former Georgia Congressman Buddy Darden, and former Michigan Congressman Bob Carr.

Here is what they had to say about Governor Richardson:

"Having represented Arizona in Congress, I know that Governor Richardson shares our Western values. He stands for fiscal responsibility, protection of our environment, and an aggressive move towards energy independence," said former Congressman and former Arizona Democratic Party Chair Sam Coppersmith of Arizona. "I am excited to help Governor Richardson win in Arizona and across the West."

"Not only does Governor Richardson have the strongest record on the issues and the boldest vision for the future, he can also win in every part of the country. In his last campaign, he earned almost seventy percent of the vote in the red state of New Mexico. People of all political stripes are attracted to his extraordinary record of public service and his common-sense vision of governance," said former Congressman Buddy Darden of Georgia. "I will work tirelessly to make sure that the great state of Georgia is with Bill Richardson."

"Governor Richardson is the strong, decisive leader that our country needs so badly. Of all the candidates, Richardson has the best combination of vision for getting us out of Iraq and turning around our public schools, with the experience and record of accomplishment to implement these important policies," said former Congressman Bob Carr of Michigan. "He knows how to bring people together to make real progress on the issues that count."

Governor Richardson has also previously been endorsed by the following former members of Congress:

Elizabeth Furse (D-OR)

Ken Holland (D-SC)

Ronnie Flippo (D-AL)

Bill Hefner (D-NC)

Don Bonker (D-WA)

Ask Bill

You've got questions, and Governor Bill Richardson has answers. He's cutting out the middleman and bringing his campaign live and direct to your home. Below is the text of an e-mail Governor Richardson just sent to supporters. Click the icon on the right sidebar to ask Bill Richardson your question.

Dear Ken,

Monday night's CNN/YouTube debate was a breath of fresh air. Finally, it was the people, not media personalities, deciding what to ask.

But good, honest questions are not enough if you never get a chance to answer them.

I couldn't be happier with the answers I gave and the stands I took, but this song and dance is getting old. Every time we have a major media outlet debate, two or three of the candidates get most of the questions and most of the time while every other candidate is left with a fraction of the time, and a fraction of the questions. And some of the most important questions go unanswered.

I think there is a better way. Rather than trying to make the old media change their ways, I'm going to go straight to the source: you.

Today we've launched a new feature on our campaign site that we're calling "Ask Bill." I love answering questions, and I love talking directly to people, so that is exactly what "Ask Bill" will be -- direct questions, direct answers, directly to you.

Just direct answers to direct questions. Submit your "Ask Bill" question now.

I wish I could get to every living room in this country, shake every voter's hand, and talk about the issues that matter in the campaign. But I can't, so I'm doing the next best thing.

We're going to upend the status quo and skip the media middleman. Direct questions, direct answers. That is the strategy we've been using in living rooms and meeting rooms across the country -- and our rising poll numbers show it's working.

Want to know more about my experience negotiating with the world's toughest dictators? You won't get that answer on the CNN debate -- but you will from "Ask Bill." Want to know my favorite flavor of ice cream? I'll take that question too. ¿Quiere saber cómo aumentaré el sueldo de maestros? Pregúnteme ahora- en inglés o en español- y contestaré en cualquiera.

Have a question for me? Ask it -- submit your "Ask Bill" question on the website now.

I want to let everyone know exactly where I stand and what I will do as President.

You just have to ask.

Bill Richardson

PS: Our position of bringing home ALL of our troops from Iraq keeps gaining ground. Today in the Financial Times, President Clinton's former national security adviser agreed with my long-standing assessment that leaving a large force of residual troops in Iraq will severely undermine our ability to use diplomacy to bring regional stability to the Middle East. Soon everyone will be with us.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Governor Richardson on CNN/YouTube Debate

Not likely to be making friends with Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This new ad from Governor Richardson will air in Iowa and New Hampshire, and focuses on the health and welfare of American soldiers.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Richardson Officially A Frontrunner

According to Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times Washington Bureau Chief, Governor Richardson is a frontrunner.

It's by design, not coincidence, that the four front-running Democrats in the race for the White House will be standing together at the debate Monday night in Charleston, S.C., with the other four rivals at the ends, where they will get the least camera time.


As they did at the June 3 debate in Manchester, N.H., Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama will have the center podiums, flanked by former Sen. John Edwards and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. [emphasis mine]

That Bill Richardson is a frontrunner isn't a surprise to any of his supporters, but it's nice to see the national media come to that realization.

Daily Kos Monthly Straw Poll

Daily Kos has its monthly straw poll up. Go vote for Bill Richardson. The polls will close this afternoon, so please vote as soon as possible.

Friday, July 20, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate

On Monday, tune in at 4pm for the revolutionary CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate, where all questions come from you, via video on YouTube.

Invite your friends, family and neighbors to join you for a debate watch party, and spread Bill Richardson's message to everyone you know.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Richardson Ad Calls for All Troops Out of Iraq

In his new ad, Governor Richardson takes to the airwaves to call for getting all American troops out of Iraq.

Go here to join Bill Richardson in calling on Congress to end the war now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A First Look At One Richardson Cabinet Position

At the annual meeting of the American Association for Justice (formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association) in Chicago this past Sunday, Governor Richardson discussed the role his Attorney General would play when he is elected President.

"I will appoint someone who I will direct and say: 'You will be an attorney general for the people. I don't want to even see you talking to the political arm of the White House staff,'" said Richardson, taking a swipe at President Bush's embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a former White House counsel.

Richardson Passes Edwards in Latest NH Poll

According to the latest CNN/WMUR poll in New Hampshire, Bill Richardson has passed John Edwards among New Hampshirites who plan to vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

But former Sen. John Edwards, the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2004, slipped to a statistical tie with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson in the latest poll, which was conducted between July 9 and Tuesday. Edwards had drawn 14 percent support in the previous poll, conducted in June, but came in at 9 percent in the new survey, while Richardson came in at 11 percent in both surveys. (See June’s Democatic poll)

While other candidates fly in for a rally or a fundraiser and then fly out, Governor Richardson has been spending days at a time in New Hampshire. The Governor is just wrapping up another trip to NH, and almost 2 weeks ago was the only candidate there for Independence Day festivities.

You can view the full poll results here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Richardson Bolsters His "Man of the People" Credentials in Nevada

In his visit yesterday to Northern Nevada, Governor Richardson took to the streets to shake as many hands as possible bolstering his credentials as a man of the people, the candidate who will out-work all of the others on the road to the Democratic nomination.

Chomping on barbecued pork in downtown Sparks, the last thing Henry Lee expected was to shake hands with a Democrat running for U.S. president.

The first words out of Lee's mouth when New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson interrupted his dinner to introduce himself: "Are you b.s.-ing me?"

"I don't think anyone else is going to come up to me and say they're running for president, so I think you've got my vote," Lee said.

In a return visit to Northern Nevada, Richardson was one of the first presidential candidates to venture onto the streets for some retail politics.


But more people than not recognized the governor and a few took the opportunity to grill him on his positions.


"He looks like he belongs in Northern Nevada, doesn't he," said Robert Presley of Carson City.

"He would get my vote, if I had to vote tomorrow, because he's up here," added Presley's wife, Mary. "I don't see anyone else up here. Where else are you going to get the voice of the common people?" [emphasis mine]

This is precisely how Governor Richardson has risen in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, by tirelessly shaking hands and going to meet voters anywhere they are.

Who would you vote for?

The candidate who flies in, holds a fundraiser for high-roller donors to get TV ads on the air and then flies out.


The candidate who spends a couple of days in town walking the streets and who comes to your door, your business or your place of work and asks you for your vote and listens to your thoughts on issues important to you?

As Emmett O'Connell posted in January, Governor Richardson has a history of regularly holding "open-door" sessions, meeting with any New Mexican who wants to meet with him, on any issue.

In a government of the People, for the People and by the People, isn't it time we elect a man of the People to lead our nation?

Bill Richardson for President in 2008.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bill Richardson is Competing Everywhere

It's true. The more Bill Richardson travels the country and meets people, and the more his brilliant TV ads play in places where he isn't well known, the more people like him.

And now, we get word from Strategic Vision polls (via TransWorldNews) that Bill Richardson is competing, meaning he's a player in the game everywhere.

According to the latest Strategic Vision polls of Democratic voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan, Bill Richardson received 8% and 7% respectively. "He is starting to become popular everywhere." says USAElectionPolls.com.

And those numbers will only continue to climb as Governor Richardson hits the campaign trail relentlessly over the next several months.

Richardson Impresses in "Job Interview" in Iowa City

Yesterday, Governor Richardson had an impressive showing in his job interview in Iowa City, speaking with over 200 of the people who will hire him next January.

Lending credence to a poll showing his support has jumped to double digits among likely Iowa caucus-goers, Bill Richardson attracted more than 200 people to a ‘‘job interview’’ in Iowa City. The Democratic governor of New Mexico made an imp r e s s i o n T u e s d a y with the folks who will be doing the ‘‘hiring’’ when Iowans caucus in January.

‘‘He’s the ‘been there, done that’ guy in the field’’ of Democratic candidates for the 2008 presidential nomination, Sally Peck of West Branch said of listening to Richardson. ‘‘He’s not just mouthing platitudes. He has the experience others don’t.’’

And what's been fueling Governor Richardson's rise in Iowa?

Leave no troops behind. And shaking all those hands in every corner of the state.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You Say You Want A Revolution?

Governor Richardson has the most aggressive, best plan for energy independence but notes that "government can only go so far" and that like any revolution, an energy revolution is going to require the ideas of individuals.

So here is your chance to make a difference.

Governor Richardson is asking viewers of the video below to submit videoswith their ideas about energy conservation, the use of alternative fuels, and how to combat climate change.

Governor Richardson and his staff will then review the submissions and “whoever has the best or most original idea, I’ll come visit."

Watch the video. Submit your ideas. Be the change.

Richardson Participates in MoveOn.org Town Hall on Climate

Governor Richardson recently participated in MoveOn.org's virtual town hall on climate issues, as he did with previous MoveOn town halls. All questions for the town hall, as with previous ones, were submitted by MoveOn members by video.

Go here to watch the video and vote for Bill Richardson.

Governor Richardson's plan to achieve energy independence and to control carbon emissions has received acclaim for being the strongest, most aggressive, best plan out there, by folks like Carl Pope of the Sierra Club.

[Note:When the video gets posted to YouTube I'll update the post and put the video up.]

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Monday, July 09, 2007

July 4th Video from New Hampshire

Rumor has it that Governor Richardson was almost kicked out of one of the July 4th parades because he was shaking too many hands (isn't that what candidates do?).

Check out this great video:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Richardson Campaigns in South Carolina, Makes More History

Yesterday, Governor Richardson was in South Carolina introducing himself to voters and working to raise money.

Here is the Greenville News wrap-up.

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson asked party activists in Spartanburg and Greenville on Saturday to "keep your powder dry" and not make a hasty selection.

For Richardson -- and those hearing him -- it was a get-acquainted session.

The governor of New Mexico and former United Nations ambassador told about 100 people at a suburban Greenville hotel, "I want you to get to know me (and) let this election unfold."

Making his first purely campaign swing through the region since speaking at a state Democratic event in Greenville earlier this year, Richardson held a fundraiser Friday night in Columbia, then made appearances in Rock Hill, Spartanburg and Greenville before wrapping up at the Anderson County Democratic Party's summer rally.

Here is the Associated Press wrap-up (via The State), which details another first for a Presidential campaign. As you may recall, Bill Richardson was the first Presidential candidate to visit Marlow, NH last week.

Yesterday, Governor Richardson became the first candidate to ever visit the Catawba Indian Reservation.

Earlier Saturday, Richardson became the first presidential hopeful to campaign at the Catawba Indian Reservation near Rock Hill.

"I think it's wonderful that he called us and wanted to come down here," said interim Assistant Chief Claude Ayers. "First time anybody's ever done that."

In addition to visiting parts of rural Iowa that never receive attention from candidates, Governor Richardson is reaching out to voters who don't normally have any interaction with Presidential candidates, living up to his pledge to out-work the other candidates. Clearly, there's no hand Bill Richardson won't shake, no baby he won't kiss and no town too small for him to visit. And that's not a bad thing for Democracy.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Richardson Stands Alone In New Hampshire

Taking the road less traveled (which has been known to make all the difference), Governor Richardson was the only Democratic candidate to campaign in New Hampshire yesterday.

In what may have been the most straightlaced portion of his three-day swing through New Hampshire, Bill Richardson spent an hour yesterday on a manicured patio in Bow fielding questions about why he wants to be president.

The house party was a nod to traditional politicking in an itinerary packed with the offbeat: Banging pots and pans with locals in Greenville to welcome Independence Day on Tuesday night, inviting voters to quiz him in mock job interviews and, this afternoon, becoming the first presidential candidate to ever visit Marlow, a town of 789 outside of Keene.

About 50 people came to Deborah deMoulpied's hillside home to hear Richardson, the Democratic governor of New Mexico. The format was traditional, but he kept with the overall spirit of his tour by cracking jokes, stressing that he was the only Democratic candidate to visit New Hampshire on July Fourth.

Here is the Boston Globe's wrap-up of the day's events.

More from the Union Leader, which includes some rave reviews:

"I loved most of what he said," said George deVito of Hopkinton. "The question is more than ideas, it's how you get these things done," he said, referencing a divided congress, among other roadblocks. "I don't know that he could answer that."

"The current 'my way or the highway' doesn't work," said Randy Choiniere of Concord. "Richardson has experience with actual diplomacy."

"Prior to his ads and the debates, I didn't consider him a serious candidate," said Sarah Brown of Bow. "Now I do."

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An Independence Day Message From Governor Bill Richardson

This morning, Governor Richardson posted an Independence Day message on his campaign blog. I encourage you to read the entire message, but here is an excerpt:

This is a day not for partisan politics, but for grateful remembrance and joyous celebration. A day of optimism and hope. A day to remember that we live in the greatest nation on earth, where our best days are still ahead of us. A day to celebrate our freedom, but also to remember that freedom comes at a cost.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Governor Richardson's Statement on President Bush's Commutation of Scooter Libby's Sentence

Here is the statement Governor Richardson made yesterday, following the news that President Bush commuted the imprisonment portion of former Special Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the Vice-President, Scooter Libby:

"It's a sad day when the President commutes the sentence of a public official who deliberately and blatantly betrayed the public trust and obstructed an important federal investigation," said Governor Richardson. "This administration clearly believes its officials are above the law, from ignoring FISA laws when eavesdropping on US citizens, to the abuse of classified material, to ignoring the Geneva Conventions and international law with secret prisons and torturing prisoners.

There is a reason we have laws and why we expect our Presidents to obey them. Institutions have a collective wisdom greater than that of any one individual. The arrogance of this administration's disdain for the law and its belief it operates with impunity are breathtaking.

Will the President also commute the sentences of others who obstructed justice and lied to grand juries, or only those who act to protect President Bush and Vice President Cheney?"

Never mind that 60% of the American people oppose commutation of the prison sentence.

Not only is that breathtaking arrogance, as Governor Richardson said, but flagrant disregard for the rule of law.

Monday, July 02, 2007

NALEO Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum

Over the weekend, Governor Richardson joined his fellow candidates in Orlando, FL for a forum at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) conference. Here is the video: