Friday, July 13, 2007

Richardson Bolsters His "Man of the People" Credentials in Nevada

In his visit yesterday to Northern Nevada, Governor Richardson took to the streets to shake as many hands as possible bolstering his credentials as a man of the people, the candidate who will out-work all of the others on the road to the Democratic nomination.

Chomping on barbecued pork in downtown Sparks, the last thing Henry Lee expected was to shake hands with a Democrat running for U.S. president.

The first words out of Lee's mouth when New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson interrupted his dinner to introduce himself: "Are you b.s.-ing me?"

"I don't think anyone else is going to come up to me and say they're running for president, so I think you've got my vote," Lee said.

In a return visit to Northern Nevada, Richardson was one of the first presidential candidates to venture onto the streets for some retail politics.


But more people than not recognized the governor and a few took the opportunity to grill him on his positions.


"He looks like he belongs in Northern Nevada, doesn't he," said Robert Presley of Carson City.

"He would get my vote, if I had to vote tomorrow, because he's up here," added Presley's wife, Mary. "I don't see anyone else up here. Where else are you going to get the voice of the common people?" [emphasis mine]

This is precisely how Governor Richardson has risen in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, by tirelessly shaking hands and going to meet voters anywhere they are.

Who would you vote for?

The candidate who flies in, holds a fundraiser for high-roller donors to get TV ads on the air and then flies out.


The candidate who spends a couple of days in town walking the streets and who comes to your door, your business or your place of work and asks you for your vote and listens to your thoughts on issues important to you?

As Emmett O'Connell posted in January, Governor Richardson has a history of regularly holding "open-door" sessions, meeting with any New Mexican who wants to meet with him, on any issue.

In a government of the People, for the People and by the People, isn't it time we elect a man of the People to lead our nation?

Bill Richardson for President in 2008.


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