Sunday, July 08, 2007

Richardson Campaigns in South Carolina, Makes More History

Yesterday, Governor Richardson was in South Carolina introducing himself to voters and working to raise money.

Here is the Greenville News wrap-up.

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson asked party activists in Spartanburg and Greenville on Saturday to "keep your powder dry" and not make a hasty selection.

For Richardson -- and those hearing him -- it was a get-acquainted session.

The governor of New Mexico and former United Nations ambassador told about 100 people at a suburban Greenville hotel, "I want you to get to know me (and) let this election unfold."

Making his first purely campaign swing through the region since speaking at a state Democratic event in Greenville earlier this year, Richardson held a fundraiser Friday night in Columbia, then made appearances in Rock Hill, Spartanburg and Greenville before wrapping up at the Anderson County Democratic Party's summer rally.

Here is the Associated Press wrap-up (via The State), which details another first for a Presidential campaign. As you may recall, Bill Richardson was the first Presidential candidate to visit Marlow, NH last week.

Yesterday, Governor Richardson became the first candidate to ever visit the Catawba Indian Reservation.

Earlier Saturday, Richardson became the first presidential hopeful to campaign at the Catawba Indian Reservation near Rock Hill.

"I think it's wonderful that he called us and wanted to come down here," said interim Assistant Chief Claude Ayers. "First time anybody's ever done that."

In addition to visiting parts of rural Iowa that never receive attention from candidates, Governor Richardson is reaching out to voters who don't normally have any interaction with Presidential candidates, living up to his pledge to out-work the other candidates. Clearly, there's no hand Bill Richardson won't shake, no baby he won't kiss and no town too small for him to visit. And that's not a bad thing for Democracy.


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