Thursday, July 12, 2007

Richardson Impresses in "Job Interview" in Iowa City

Yesterday, Governor Richardson had an impressive showing in his job interview in Iowa City, speaking with over 200 of the people who will hire him next January.

Lending credence to a poll showing his support has jumped to double digits among likely Iowa caucus-goers, Bill Richardson attracted more than 200 people to a ‘‘job interview’’ in Iowa City. The Democratic governor of New Mexico made an imp r e s s i o n T u e s d a y with the folks who will be doing the ‘‘hiring’’ when Iowans caucus in January.

‘‘He’s the ‘been there, done that’ guy in the field’’ of Democratic candidates for the 2008 presidential nomination, Sally Peck of West Branch said of listening to Richardson. ‘‘He’s not just mouthing platitudes. He has the experience others don’t.’’

And what's been fueling Governor Richardson's rise in Iowa?

Leave no troops behind. And shaking all those hands in every corner of the state.


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