Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Richardson Passes Edwards in Latest NH Poll

According to the latest CNN/WMUR poll in New Hampshire, Bill Richardson has passed John Edwards among New Hampshirites who plan to vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

But former Sen. John Edwards, the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2004, slipped to a statistical tie with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson in the latest poll, which was conducted between July 9 and Tuesday. Edwards had drawn 14 percent support in the previous poll, conducted in June, but came in at 9 percent in the new survey, while Richardson came in at 11 percent in both surveys. (See June’s Democatic poll)

While other candidates fly in for a rally or a fundraiser and then fly out, Governor Richardson has been spending days at a time in New Hampshire. The Governor is just wrapping up another trip to NH, and almost 2 weeks ago was the only candidate there for Independence Day festivities.

You can view the full poll results here.


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