Thursday, July 05, 2007

Richardson Stands Alone In New Hampshire

Taking the road less traveled (which has been known to make all the difference), Governor Richardson was the only Democratic candidate to campaign in New Hampshire yesterday.

In what may have been the most straightlaced portion of his three-day swing through New Hampshire, Bill Richardson spent an hour yesterday on a manicured patio in Bow fielding questions about why he wants to be president.

The house party was a nod to traditional politicking in an itinerary packed with the offbeat: Banging pots and pans with locals in Greenville to welcome Independence Day on Tuesday night, inviting voters to quiz him in mock job interviews and, this afternoon, becoming the first presidential candidate to ever visit Marlow, a town of 789 outside of Keene.

About 50 people came to Deborah deMoulpied's hillside home to hear Richardson, the Democratic governor of New Mexico. The format was traditional, but he kept with the overall spirit of his tour by cracking jokes, stressing that he was the only Democratic candidate to visit New Hampshire on July Fourth.

Here is the Boston Globe's wrap-up of the day's events.

More from the Union Leader, which includes some rave reviews:

"I loved most of what he said," said George deVito of Hopkinton. "The question is more than ideas, it's how you get these things done," he said, referencing a divided congress, among other roadblocks. "I don't know that he could answer that."

"The current 'my way or the highway' doesn't work," said Randy Choiniere of Concord. "Richardson has experience with actual diplomacy."

"Prior to his ads and the debates, I didn't consider him a serious candidate," said Sarah Brown of Bow. "Now I do."


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