Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Richardson Gets Some Love on Iraq

Of the top four Democratic Presidential candidates, Bill Richardson has the strongest plan, calling for ending the war now (he's been calling for that for months) and leaving no residual troops. But, as Chris Weigant notices, Bill Richardson is also the candidate most willing to share details of his plan.

Bill Richardson is one of the most consistent voices in the Democratic campaign on Iraq. He not only wants to begin withdrawing troops, he wants them all out in six months. All of them. This is significant because many of the other candidates refuse to give an honest answer to the question: How many troops would you leave behind, and for how long? Richardson does so admirably.

He lays out his 7 point plan on his website, in an attempt to answer every question about how exactly we should get out of Iraq. This is also significant, because many of the candidates' websites are severely lacking in details, instead merely hitting broad generalities. Richardson tells you exactly what he wants to do on Iraq, in enough detail to answer your questions but not with so much minutiƦ that your eyes glaze over. He seems to have struck a perfect balance on how to address the issue.

After 6+ years of government operating in secret, you'd think that Democratic candidates would be eager to share their plans for a new direction for American foreign policy. I'm saying that Richardson's rivals are hiding something, but perhaps they're not forthcoming because none of them has the foreign policy chops that Richardson has and it would show if they released a detailed plan.


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