Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yearly Kos Update

It's an exciting day here at Yearly Kos. Around 1pm the Democratic presidential candidates (with the exception of Senator Biden) will be here to participate in a forum. Governor Richardson is already in town, coming in from Iowa last night.

In talking with people in other exhibit booths and fellow Kossacks, there seems to be a lot of interest in Governor Richardson. People appreciate how the Governor actually listens when you're talking to him and how he understands retail politics. The bottom line is that people just want a candidate to listen to them. Governor Richardson wins with people because he's open to meeting anyone, anytime and having a two-way conversation.

In addition to our booth here at Yearly Kos, the other candidates have their booths. It's interesting to note that the Edwards campaign booth is filled with inflatable furniture, but doesn't appear to be staffed. We've heard comments about people not being happy that Edwards staff isn't around to staff the booth.

I'm planning to live blog the presidential forum here, and following that session, Governor Richardson will be hosting a break-out session where he talks about his plan for Iraq and his experiences dealing with the bad guys of the world. It promises to be a great session. We've even had people telling us that Governor Richardson's session is completely full and asking if we sneak them in.


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