Thursday, September 13, 2007

End of the Quarter Fundraiser

We're getting to the end of the 3rd quarter of fundraising, and Bill Richardson needs our support to keep the momentum going. So, I've set up a Washington state fundraising page on the Richardson for President website. My goal is for this group to raise $750 by September 30. This is a realistic goal that I know we can reach, as we have 125 members in our group on the website, and many more supporters who read this blog.

I'm asking each of you to give Bill Richardson $6 to keep getting his message of change and experience out. I can sacrifice going to Starbucks twice next week in order to make a difference in our country. Will you help? Even if you're unable to give $6, please donate whatever amount you can. Every little bit helps.Together, we can all make a difference in this campaign.

Here is the link to the fundraising page, and please click on contribute now and make your donation before midnight on September 30.

Thanks for your continued support for Bill Richardson for President.


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