Saturday, September 29, 2007

Live from the WSDCC Meeting in Wenatchee

I'm at the Washington State Democrats Central Committee meeting this weekend, representing Bill Richardson for President, signing up new supporters and making connections with Democrats around the state. Thanks to Aaron Belenky, Jack Arends and Becky Graham for all of their support and hard work this weekend. Without them, this would have been a one-man show.

Last night, Aaron Belenky hosted the Richardson for President hospitality suite. With the help of Aaron's projector and my laptop we showed Governor Richardson's new ad (the 5 minute version) that lays out his positioon on Iraq and clearly delineates where the other candidates stand. The video was looped and played over and over endlessly, until the battery died on the laptop. We received a great reception from Democrats from around Washington state. Everyone was very positive about Governor Richardson, many are already supporting him, and those who weren't had him as their second choice. I'm pleasantly surprised by the level of support we're seeing from the party faithful, and think that we're on the cusp of becoming a more visible force in Washington.

I also spoke to the Washington State Democrats Hispanic/Latino caucus this morning and gave out literature on Mi Familia Con Richardson. Many of the caucus members had met Governor Richardson in May when he came out to Seattle. This morning they welcomed me to the "family". The Latino caucus is very excited and motivated about supporting Governor Richardson's campaign and so we're working to turn that into action.

In addition, we've got a DNC vacancy to fill, and one of the candidates is a supporter of Governor Richardson. So, I've been providing assistance to her campaign to get appointed, so that we can increase the number of friends that Governor Richardson has on the DNC.

We've also signed up some new supporters and picked up a number of endorsements of party leaders while we've been here in Wenatchee. This support will be crucial when we get out the vote for our caucuses.

So it's been a very good weekend for the campaign here in Washington, and people out here are very positive about Bill Richardson and ready to get the campaign rolling.


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