Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quoted in the National Journal's Blogometer

As a result of my post yesterday on The Left Coaster, which is directly below this post, I was quoted in today's edition of National Journal's Blogometer.


It is unclear how many people Bill Richardson is winning over with his new television ads featuring bloggers talking about the importance of the 'residual troops' issue, but many appreciate the effort. blogs: "I'm not sure why Bill Richardson thinks putting netroots activists in his ad attempting to raise the issue will help him, but I'm glad he's raising the issue. ... One fears that Richardson may have committed too many gaffes at this point to gain traction, but I hope this ad helps him and forces the other candidates to start addressing this issue." The Left Coaster's Ken Camp writes: "Don't be fooled by the kabuki dance or rhetorical gymnastics of the other candidates. Residual troops equals stay the course, and that's simply unacceptable."


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